Worcester SEO

Worcester SEO

Local SEO is about showing up in Google and Bing for your target terms in and around Worcester, Massachusetts. For example, if you are an accountant in Worcester, you would want your website to appear at the top of search engines for terms like “tax planning, bookkeeping, estate and trust planning, payroll services, finance advising,” and so on for people searching for that in that given area.


This strategy of getting to the top of search engines is where TM Blast comes in with a local SEO service plan designed for clients in and around Worcester, Massachusetts. 


Worcester SEO for Clients Explained


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What are Local Map Pack Listings?

Google Map Pack Listing for TM Blast

Both Google and Bing display organic search results via a map pack listing when the search query has a local intent. For example, my company (TM Blast) ranks for “SEO Saratoga Springs, NY” in the map pack listing since it is a business location. 


My business also shows up for this exact search query in Bing and Yahoo. As a note, Google SEO does not translate to Bing and Yahoo, so you still have to work to get featured correctly in this search engine.



Will My Business Show up for Generic Searches to a Local Audience?

The answer is yes!


Regarding local SEO, you must provide search engines that serve your area. For example, if you search for the keyword “SEO” in Saratoga Springs, my business will appear via the map pack listing. However, if you did that same search in Worcester, you will only get map pack listings near you. Google (and Bing) only show local map pack listings when there are local results, so getting your website in this is critical.


TM Blast Shows up for the keyword SEO


For my business, TM Blast LLC, I generate new leads each month through the map pack listing. Individuals will see this and can either call me directly on their mobile phone or visit my website to contact me. The map pack listing is critical to get your local business in. 


How is My Local SEO Plan Different from a National SEO Plan?

Local and national SEO have similarities between them. To start, they both come from having a technically sound website. Next, proper keyword research is critical to ensuring you reach your audience for what they are searching for. The same goes for optimizing content and reviewing the results.


Where local SEO differs from national SEO comes from a few things. Here are some things that local SEO focuses on compared to a national SEO strategy.


  • Direct competitor research in your area
  • Making sure your business citations are accurate
  • Getting on relevant directories (or articles) in your area to build your local presence
  • Optimizing for local intent
  • And more


What is the Price for Worcester SEO?

I charge a flat rate of $1.6k monthly for national SEO clients. However, when it comes to clients looking for local SEO, my price tends to be cheaper than that. However, it operates on a case-by-case basis, so I outline some reasons that can increase the price.  


  • Do we need to create brand new pages / write new content?
  • Are there significant technical issues on the website that will require a web developer to fix?
  • Do we need to create call tracking + Google Analytics installation to track results?
  • How competitive your niche is to rank. For example, insurance companies tend to be in a more competitive field than a bookkeeper. 


If your website needs a lot of work from me to make it successful, I will charge you close to $1.6k per month. However, if your website is very good and needs someone to go in and push it onto page 1 of Google, the price will be less. It depends on what I need to do from a workload standpoint.


Woah, why is Your Price So High?

You will find competitors in Worcester that only charge a few hundred dollars a month for SEO. The truth is that these types of services are sometimes too good to be true. Below, I share what generally happens when you only pay a few hundred dollars for SEO.


  • An intern/someone outsourced overseas will work on your website without experience. Chances are you will have multiple “specialists” working on your account if people leave that agency
  • An automated SEO report that doesn’t give much insight into what was done or the results
  • Lack of consistent communication
  • Poor to no SEO improvement
  • You will have frustration with the entire SEO experience. Usually, the price is so low that you will pay for it for a year and then cancel the contract.


I charge more because I know my value and what I can provide to clients. I’m not looking to add many new clients each month because I keep losing my existing ones due to poor results. Instead, I want to make you successful and keep your business for a long time through the great work I provide.


Also, the SEO work is 100% done by me. No junior intern is learning on the job working on your account.


A Video of How I Work


What Do Others Say About My Service?

I’ve been in the SEO space for over ten years. I’ve had some of the same clients for years, even though all my contracts are monthly. See what others have to say about my service.


What Makes a Good Local SEO Client?

My best clients (both local and national) are the ones open to changes to their websites to help them rank better. You are the expert in your field, while I’m the expert in SEO. When we can combine my data and strategy with your experience and knowledge of your industry, it creates a winning result. 


Don’t expect results if you want to be 100% hands-off via Worcester SEO. If it takes you weeks to reply to me with suggestions, you won’t see results.


Also, SEO does take time to see results, but I will be sharing with you what I’m seeing all along the way. That means I’m letting you know if a target term has moved from never ranking to page 2 in Worcester. If we need to do more to help move that term to page 1, I will share that with you.


Do You Only Work with Worcester Local SEO Clients?

No, I work with any client that is looking for local SEO. 


What Do Local SEO Services Include?

What Do Local SEO Services Include

Okay, now you are considering having me work on your Worcester SEO strategy. Here are the things that I would deliver to you each month.


  • Daily keyword tracking + weekly health crawls


  • 2 (1k) blog posts per month to reach your audience. These blog posts are great for driving links to your site, traffic from social media, and SEO link juice to your core pages to rank them better.


  • Keyword research using SEO tools and Google Auto-suggest


  • Optimizing your Google My Business + Bing Places for Business account


  • Making on-page changes to your content for better rankings. That includes but is not limited to changes to title tags, meta name descriptions, header tags, image tags, internal links, and more


  • Greg stays up to date on SEO algorithm changes


  • Link building (backlinks) on relevant local business directories. As a note, the client pays for these monthly or annual subscriptions


  • A monthly SEO report


  • Access to Greg via email, slack, skype, and Microsoft Teams. Greg is straightforward to reach, so you will hear back from me once you reach out


Local SEO Case Study

Local SEO Client

Since 2017, TM Blast has been working with a wide range of clients. I’ve had some of these clients since the start of my business, which is a testament to my work ethic and the results I’ve achieved.


Below is a screenshot from Google My Business showing the trend that my local client is on. This trend line represents an increase in calls, directions, and website clicks directly from winning in local SEO.

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