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 Site Audits  

Technical restrictions on your site will limit your organic’s performance. Think of it in the terms of having an anchor attached the fastest sprinter on your team. You can train for months on sprints, but still lose the race because of a restriction that does not allow you the do your full potential. technical audits can uncover indexing issues in Google, pages not being seen by search engines, improper pages being crawled and indexed by search engines, and so much more. Running this audit will create a blueprint on what to tackle next for your site and gives you the best chance to do well in organic. Looking for an example? Check out what happened after a technical audit happened and I implemented technical fixes.

SEO Site Consulting

Project base consulting for SEO. Perfect for small and large companies looking to either launch SEO efforts, or build out a strategy to optimizing for key themes on the website. Ongoing services can include technical review, keyword optimization strategy, content strategies, and more.

Local SEO

Running a local business requires a strong presence online. This service focuses on the technical side to make sure your website can be found by search engines while making sure your online presence is properly listed on places like Yelp and Google Maps. This service also looks at competition and reverse engineer’s where your competitors are getting featured in publications while working on ways to optimize your site for highly qualified key terms.


This is perfect for people who are new to SEO, or want to ask questions around certain topics. This is a great option as screen sharing can come into play and ideas can be discussed on what is the best practice for SEO. Google Hangouts and Skype are my preference.


Paid Search Marketing Services

This is ideal for marketers who want to send immediate and measurable traffic from Google and Bing to their website. Results are all data drive, so you can see how much it costs to drive qualified leads and sales to your website. You pay to play in this game which is different from SEO.


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