Growing Spanish Traffic from 0 to 70k a Month

Results: Grew Traffic from 0 to 70k a month


Growing Traffic to 70k a Month


How: Technical SEO fixes, content created, and internal links added


One website that I’m working on drove little traffic to their Spanish content before I joined. After performing a Free SEO Analysis on their pages, I came across a plethora of technical issues. Here are the main SEO issues below that were restricting the growth of the pages.


  • robots.txt file was blocking Google / Bing from crawling the content
  • The canonical tag was incorrect on the pages
  • The HREFLANG tag was incorrect from English pointing back to the Spanish version of the page
  • There were broken links throughout the site pointing to these pages
  • The HTML sitemap linked out to the wrong content


After fixing the robots.txt file, we began to see a small uptick in organic keywords ranking for the page. After fixing the canonical tag + Hreflang tags on these pages, traffic grew as a whole to the pages. To fix the broken links on the page, I ran reports from Screaming Frog to discover these issues.


After fixing the technical issues in early 2019, we began writing new content for the Spanish pages. We were confident that Google / Bing were crawling and understanding the content, so we pushed the pedal down on content. We wrote over 200 pages on the site and have grown traffic each month.


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