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What did you like best?

He is very organized and knowledgeable of all things SEO.

What did you like least?

Nothing, he is top notch. If you are looking for real results, he is your guy.

Describe your overall experience.

Greg is great. He delivers real results and is a pleasure to work with!

Rachel Holt Owner New York March 24, 2019

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My SEO Process


Achieving #1 Position in Google Presentation


In this presentation above, I share how I was able to achieve a #1 position in Google for one of my clients. I’ve redacted my client’s name and their keyword to protect their brand. I was able to move the target keyword from page 2 of Google to page 1 position 1 in two months. This was the fastest case study I’ve had, so results may vary for your website, competition, and more. The element that stays consistent is my approach which is a five step process in the SEO blueprint.


5 Step Process


TM Blast SEO Strategy and Process Cycle



Above is the five step process I use for all clients. A level of technical audits, technical fixes, keyword research and more are part of the five step plan. The cycle is in a constant repeat which is how you are able to maintain and drive new keyword ranks since you are always working on improvement. SEO does not stand still, so that is why I’m a firm believer of looking for new keywords to optimize, fix technical errors, and more to drive a greater ROI for your business.






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