SEO Affiliate Program

SEO Affiliate Program

TM Blast is proud to offer a 10% monthly recurring commission to its affiliates.


How Does the SEO Affiliate Program Work?

Anyone who refers someone to TM Blast who becomes a paying customer will receive a 10% commission. For example, you can refer TM Blast to a friend for Monthly SEO, and if they become a client, you receive a 10% commission of that invoice. You will receive payment each month that the new client stays as a paying client for Google and Bing SEO search engine optimization services.


To refer someone to TM Blast, you can fill out theĀ contact form with the Subject “SEO Referral” or email Greg directly at greg at


How Does the 10% Commission Payout Work?

TM Blast invoices monthly for SEO services, so you will receive your 10% commission five business day after the client pays TM Blast. All commission payouts go through PayPal from TM Blast each month. At this time, TM Blast only offers the 10% commission payout in U.S dollars.


What Paying Services Does TM Blast Offer?

TM Blast offers an SEO Workshop that costs $99 (one-time) and Monthly SEO at $1.5k per month. There is no commission given if someone refers TM Blast to their partner, and they don’t become a paying client. Price points may change depending on the contract for clients, but this is the standard pricing breakdown above. Finally, there is no SEO affiliate commission for having someone use TM Blast’s affiliate link to SEMRush or request a Free SEO Audit.


Why Become a Affiliate Network Referral Partner?

Instead of sending a generic “thank-you” email for your generous referral, I want you to reap the financial benefit of your recommendation monthly. For each referral that becomes a paying customer that month, I send you a check through PayPal. The more referrals that you send my way who become paying customers, the more you make each month. Start earning a recurring revenue 10% commission for each paying referral now!