Free SEO Audit

Free SEO Audit from TM Blast

What is in the Free Search Engine Optimization Audit Report?

A Free SEO Audit by TM Blast LLC will cover the following:


  • Discover any significant technical errors that live on the website that are restricting SEO success.


  • If there are errors, I highlight them and address how I will fix them.


  •  A snapshot of your organic traffic summary and your ranking keywords. I use SEMrush to get a national


  • ranking snapshot along with your city or state location if you are a local client.


  • A competitor review showing who is outranking your website.


  • Blog ideas to add to your website.


  • An SEO Roadmap of what I will do to help grow your traffic.


  • SEO case studies showing my success.


Getting a Free SEO Website Audit will uncover multiple areas for you, or your webmaster, to implement to increase your traffic even before becoming a client. TM Blast guarantees that you will find value in this website analysis regardless of if you become a client or not.

Free SEO Audit for a Tiny Home Builder Company

I worked on the Free SEO Audit for a company in the tiny home builder space. In this audit, I share that I had no access to first-party data, so all of my metrics and numbers come from third-party tools. This audit shows that the company is doing a lot right with SEO, ranking well for Tiny Home Builder within a 20-mile radius. However, there are opportunities to rank better for additional terms locally and nationally. I share some examples of what I would do to rank the website better for specific keywords. Also, the website had technical issues that are worth addressing in month 1. The Free SEO audit used the following tools: SEMRush, Google Search, Google Chrome, Bing Search, Microsoft Edge, Local Falcon, and more.


What Does a Sample Digital Marketing SEO Report Look Like 

Each Free SEO Analysis Report follows the same blueprint and template, but the information’s look and feel are always different. Some potential clients need more technical analysis, while others need guidance on on-page SEO. Regardless of what direction the information takes me, each report is unique to that website. Above is a video link where you can watch an SEO Audit that I’ve recorded as a video.


Can I Download a Sample SEO Audit to Review It?

Sure thing!


Click on this link to download the audit above.


An Example of Success

While it is hard to illustrate the success that a Free SEO Audit does for a company, I can showcase my skillset with this video. In this video below, I share how I was able to own the map in New York City for my client’s target keyword. Winning in SEO for this term leads to more phone calls and clients for my client, which is all that matters.


Why Don’t You Charge Money for this Free SEO Report?

Free SEO Audits are just as beneficial to you as they are to my business, TM Blast. If I perform the audit and don’t see how I can help you, I won’t take you on as a client.


However, if I can grow your organic search traffic from the audit, I will recommend myself. Therefore, if you become a client of mine, I already know where the problems are and what I need to do to fix them.


Is this Site Audit Automatically Generated?

The Free SEO Analysis by TM Blast is done exclusively by the owner, Greg Kristan. Each report takes about one and half hours to complete because of the time and dedication that goes into the research. Tools I use to perform the analysis include Sitebulb, SEMRush, Ahrefs, ClearScope, Google Chrome, and Screaming Frog. Some of these tools that I list are crawlers to understand any technical errors that live on your site.


Below is the list of issues the audit will review:


  • Keyword Rankings


  • HTML errors


  • Major SEO Issues and SEO Errors Restricting Growth


  • Link Profiles


  • On-Page SEO Changes


  • Homepage Indexation in Google and Bing / Potential Indexing Issues / Internal Links


  • Review Important Pages


  • Discover Broken Links


  • Crawl the XML Sitemap


  • Check the Robots.txt File


  • Crawl the Meta Tags + Meta Titles + Title Tags


  • Review ALT tags + Anchor Text + Canonical Tags + Redirect Chains


  • JavaScript Issues


  • and More


How to Get Started with a Free SEO Report?

How to Get a Free SEO Audit from TM Blast

To get a Free SEO Audit for your website, you can email me directly at 


Simply put in your website URL. your name, the keywords you want to rank for, and any other information you want that can help me. For example, you might say that your Service pages are the most important to rank, so my audit will focus on that.


There is no contract to sign nor any sensitive information you need to give me to perform the audit. Typically speaking, you will get a report in 48 hours after reaching out to me, but some come sooner. Furthermore, nobody will know that I’m auditing your website, so nothing to fear if you already have an SEO working on the website.


Do You Offer a More Comprehensive SEO Audit?



While the Free SEO Audit can work for most sites as a starting point, TM Blast also offers a paid SEO audit. The paid SEO audit is more for established websites with tens of thousands of monthly organic visits. The purpose of this audit is to create a marketing plan with SEO and detail what to do next to increase the KPI’s for your site through SEO. With that being the case, I will need you to sign a contract since I will need access to your Google Analytics data.


If you want to learn more about the paid SEO audit service, feel free to visit that link.


Happy Customers

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What are the Benefits of Hiring TM Blast as Your SEO Consultant?

TM Blast stays on top of all Google algorithm updates, so I’m always up to date on significant changes and ways to optimize your site. For example, Google no longer allows mobile-pop-ups to fire on mobile, which means an automatic penalty for any site doing that. An automatic penalty means less traffic to your site, which means less business.


In addition to staying abreast of algorithm changes, TM Blast’s content writers are ready to write for your site. Whether that is updating existing landing pages or writing new ones, we are prepared to go. Greg handles the keyword research, following keyword metrics, and writing the content to ensure the best results. Most clients see positive SEO results by month three, but some see it even sooner! SEO results can mean many things, but showing more traffic to your site in Google Analytics is my preference.


Finally, TM Blast runs weekly technical crawls of your site for safety. Using the SEO Audit tool from SEMRush, I get SEO performance alerts if anything significant happens to your site. An example of a warning I get is if your site goes down, so I will notify you as soon as possible. Alerting you to that issue can save you money by pausing your paid search ads on Google and Facebook when the site is down.



Since 2017, TM Blast LLC has been optimizing websites to increase organic traffic with a proven SEO strategy. Over the years, I’ve worked with small businesses, medium-sized companies, and large global enterprises. While each project’s sheer size is different, I treat each client the same.


Even though TM Blast is a New York SEO Firm, I work with clients all around the United States. Regardless of where you are, my goal is to drive more traffic to your site, and the Free SEO Audit helps with that!


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