Free SEO Audit

What is a Free SEO Audit Report?


A free SEO analysis audit is going to be different between every provider, but my Free SEO Audit Report gives actionable steps for you and your business to take even if you don’t hire me to improve your organic search strategy. I like to showcase how your website is performing in organic search by using SEMrush and Screaming Frog. SEMRush will give me the organic keywords you rank for, what your competitors are showing up for, and any immediate technical opportunities to implement on your site. Screaming Frog is my second round of technical reviews that I use to look over your more for my own notes and documentation just in case you hire me. I try my best not to overload you and your team with technical SEO audit jargon, so my report is pretty visual.


What Does the Free SEO Audit Report Look Like?


Here is a video of me explaining part of my process when conducting a Free SEO Analysis report for a potential client. The normal conversation lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour, but this video is about 8 minutes just to give you an idea. As a note, I update the format of my reports constantly, so this report may not be exactly 100% to the one you get. This report is all done manually by myself, Greg Kristan, so there is no automation with this analysis. In my opinion, I think this is one of the best SEO audit tool reports you can receive out in the market. Some elements that may show up in your report include 301 redirected content, redirect chains, blog post analysis, load time reports, organic traffic summary, link building opportunities, technical issues, and a brief SEO strategy at the end of the report.



Above is what a typical free search engine optimization audit report will cover. Since this is a free report, I like to cover the fundamentals along with supplying a few actionable recommendations that I can go over step by step on a call.


Why Give Away a Free Option?


The free option is a good idea for both parties for a few reasons. If I see that I can provide value to you and your business, I can create a blueprint strategy on what I can do to help you specifically. If I am not the best for the job, you will still receive a high-quality report that you can use with someone else.


Online Website SEO Audit


If you are looking for a quick online website SEO audit of your site, I recommend the Free Page Analysis that you can fill out on this page. You will get a report from SEMRush that will showcase your keyword rankings along with a brief technical audit of your site. This report does not cost you anything and you will get the analysis directly in about one hour.


What’s the Difference Between a Free SEO Report and Free Page Analysis?


A Free SEO Report will cover the entire domain at a macro level. This type of report is known as a full website audit where you will get a high-level view of how your site is performing for SEO. On page SEO audit, technical SEO analysis, speed reports, and more compile this type of report. You will see your overall organic performance, ranking keywords, competitor research steps to work on.


The Free Page Analysis will only show you ranking keywords for a particular page. The benefit of the page analysis is that the report is ready in about an hour. The Free SEO Report can take a day or two depending on what my schedule looks like. You can request both without having to choose one over the other.


What Tools Do I Use?


The beauty of the search engine optimization report is that there is no cost to you. I have a few SEO audit tools at my disposal to help me perform a manual analysis of your site. The main tools that I use include SEMRush, Screaming Frog Crawl Analysis, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. To give you an idea, I pay about $400 per month for SEO tools to use for Free Audits, so you get this insight for your domain at no cost.



What Happens After You Get the Report?


Once you get the report for the website analysis, you will have the option to have a free call or Skype session with me. There is no cost associated with this, but I won’t provide any more audit work via the call. I will explain every slide to you so that you understand what I looked at. Based on the request, I do offer Boston SEO Consulting if you were looking for search help.