Free SEO Audit

What Does the Free SEO Audit Report Look?



I have provided above what a typical free SEO audit report will cover. Since this is free, I like to look for standard SEO errors and give a quick checklist to follow to see success. As a note, you might see a different format since this report is continuously updated. If you are looking for a more in-depth dive like how you stack against your competition, you will need to look at the paid SEO audit section.


What’s in the Free Boston Massachusetts SEO Audit?


The free technical SEO audit can be turned around in about 24 hours from when you sent the request. This report is designed to give you a basic snapshot of what is and is not working for your website. I also offer the ability to go over this presentation with you via a screen share, or directly a phone call. Some of the things that I look for are.

Brief overview of what SEO and Paid Search Listings are in Google
An organic snapshot of your current natural traffic using a third-party tool
Necessary speed report using a third party tool
Check for any pages that are too large and run the risk of not being sufficiently cached in search engines
Robots.txt and Sitemap Check
High-level view of Title Tags, Meta Name Descriptions, and H1 Tags
And an essential roadmap to work on to see Success


Why Give Away a Free Option?



I’ve been asked this question a few times from potential clients and even by some of my friends. My transparent approach means more to me than just only making money. If I create the report for you and I feel confident that I can help, I will recommend that in the story. If you take my statement and see if you can get a better deal, I won’t be offended. We won’t be great partners in the long run because I am here to help your business grow genuinely and want you to be happy with my work. Building relationships with people are part of the reason I am offering these services, so I want to have that level of trust from the start if or when we work together.


What Happens After You Get the Report?


Once you get the report, you will have the option to have a free call or Skype session with me to go over your statement. There is no cost associated to this, but I won’t be providing anymore additional audit work via the call. I will explain every slide with you so that you know what every slide means. Based on the request, I do offer Boston SEO Consulting Services that will go off the presentation that I created.

There is no contract needed to get this report, so you can take this statement and shop it around the internet if you would like. That is the price that I pay since I want to be transparent with my services, but I think a level of trust is fundamental when it comes to SEO so I am willing to lose potential clients during this process if it means I can work with a couple of great teams.

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