Free SEO Audit

What Does the Free SEO Audit Report Look?



Above is what a typical free SEO audit report will cover. Since this is a free report, I like to cover the basics along with supplying a few actionable recommendations that I can go over in more detail on a call.


What’s in the Free Boston Massachusetts SEO Audit?


The free technical SEO audit has a turn around in about 24 hours from when the request comes to my inbox. This report will give a basic snapshot of what is and is not working for your website. Some of the things that I look for are.

Brief overview of what SEO and Paid Search Listings are on Google
An organic snapshot of your current natural traffic using a third-party tool
Necessary speed report using a third party tool
Check for any pages that are too large
Robots.txt and Sitemap Check
High-level view of Title Tags, Meta Name Descriptions, and H1 Tags
And more


Why Give Away a Free Option?


My transparent approach means more to me than only making money. If I create the report for you and I feel confident that I can help, I will recommend that on the call. If you take my offer and see if you can get a better deal, I can’t complain. We won’t be great partners in the long run because I am here to help your business grow and I am looking for this to be a long-term relationship. Building relationships with people is part of the reason I offer these services, so I want to have that level of trust from the start.


What Happens After You Get the Report?


Once you get the report, you will have the option to have a free call or Skype session with me. There is no cost associated with this, but I won’t provide any more audit work via the call. I will explain every slide to you so that you know what every slide means. Based on the request, I do offer Boston SEO Consulting Services if you were looking for search help.