Local SEO for Contractors

As a contractor/handyman, you want a consistent number of leads to your business for small, medium, and large types of projects. Projects can be small, like mounting a TV that takes an hour to work, a large project, or a basement or kitchen remodeling service that can take months. Since you tend to travel only 10-20 miles for projects from your headquarters, you only want leads that are within your area, which is where local SEO for contractors from TM Blast comes into play.


Below is the strategy I, Greg Kristan, focus on for local SEO contractor services.


  • Google My Business Listing (Google Business Profile) Optimization within a given radius
  • Bing Places for Business Optimization
  • Apple Business Connect
  • Relevant directory listings for your website and business to drive entity strength and referral traffic
    Improving your organic rankings in and around your location for your keywords on your website
    And more!


Local SEO For Contractors – How to Rank Better for “Contractor” in Google Maps

If you are looking for SEO for contractor tips, then this video is for you. In this video, I share what the “contractor” space looks like from a ranking perspective in Syracuse, New York. Next, I took a random listing below 10% in SoLV (Share of Local Voice) to look at and see how they can rank better for the term “contract” in a 10-mile radius around their location.


Local SEO Success – Short Video

Contractor Google My Business Optimization

Contractor Google My Business

Local clients of mine see the most success from SEO by getting their business featured in Google Maps. In this screenshot above from Local Falcon, the primary SEO tool I use for local SEO, you can see the company’s rank position for that phrase. Google only displays positions 1-3 on page 1 of Google, so my goal for clients is to get the map as green as possible, which results in the most visibility for their business and the most calls.


Google Map Pack Listing 3


When there is a local search intent behind a search, like “contractors Syracuse NY”, Google only wants to display businesses in that area to users. If that user is searching on their phone for that keyword, Google will display three organic map listings on page 1 for the user to directly call, which means that searcher might not even go to your website. They may be early in looking for a contractor for a project, so they want to call a few businesses to get their availability, schedule a free consultation meeting, and more.


I focus on optimizing your Google My Business profile page to rank in Google Maps. I’ll update your photos, encourage you to get reviews and respond to them, and add products, services, updates, and more. Plus, I use Local Falcon to see a trend report every week or so of your progress and if the map is getting greener for you.


Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for Business for Contractors

Bing can sync your changes from Google My Business into Bing, but I continue. I’ll update your account with photos, encourage you to get reviews on TripAdvisor or Facebook, and optimize your service areas.


I tell my clients that you can expect around 5-15% of your overall traffic from Bing. While that might not sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things, that 5-15% could result in a few more phone calls for contractor projects for your business, so the juice is worth the squeeze.


I also track the Bing keyword rankings for my clients if they want that, so I can see how competitive we rank in Bing for your service keywords.


Apple Business Connect

Apple Maps Showcase

At a minimum, I will ask my clients to register their business on Apple Maps to help build the entity signals for their company online. In 2024, I see few ways to optimize businesses in Apple, but I expect the capabilities to improve over the next few months.


When a user uses Apple Maps to search for “contractor,” Apple will display relevant and local businesses to contact. From my experience, the marketing dashboard for Apple only tells you a little, so it is hard to decipher leads coming from Apple. However, as I said before, I expect this service to improve, which means it will be a more significant part of my local SEO strategy for contractors.


Relevant Local Directories

Getting your business on local directories for your niche is critical for local SEO success. For example, if you are a contractor in Saratoga Springs, New York, I will look for directories in and around Saratoga Springs for you to put your business on. The idea behind this is to build up more real estate online with your business name, phone number, and website link, which increases the chance of someone finding you for a search,


As a note, the client must pay any fee to be put on a directory. Even though there is a cost for this, the SEO benefit and any referral, traffic/lead will more than pay for this annual fee.


On-Page Contractor SEO on the Website

Optimizing your website for Local SEO terms is critical to my service. You can rank in the map pack (Google and Bing) and have a traditional organic link. To get that conventional organic link in the SERP, I’ll focus on making changes to the site.


Below are things that I do via on-page SEO


  • Updating the content on the site with relevant keywords and specific keywords
  • Building out new pages for target keywords. For example, if you need a page about deck building, TV installation, and so on, I will create those pages.
  • Writing new title tags and meta name descriptions
  • Performing keyword research on an ongoing basis
  • Optimizing the images via ALT tags / resizing them to make the page load faster (better user experience)
  • Interlinking content
  • Optimizing the headings on the page



Every local client that I have has always needed something different. I don’t offer any contractor SEO package. Instead, I offer a flat rate of $1.4k per month to have my work on growing your website traffic and leads to your business.


For example, if you need new pages built to improve your website’s SEO rankings, I will focus on that. If I gave you a package and you chose a plan that would not cover that, you wouldn’t get the results you are looking for. To simplify the entire process, I offer a flat rate to have me work on the website and offer you the ability to cancel the agreement at any time with a 30-day notice.


What Does the Cost Include Per Month?

  • Access to Greg on Slack or Microsoft Teams to ask any questions. My typical response time is less than an hour.
  • Greg handles all website optimizations on your behalf. That includes making title tags, meta name descriptions, ALT tags, header tags, internal linking, and more optimizations.
  • TM Blast handles any one-off technical optimization on the site.
  • A monthly SEO report that details your numbers, what I did, and much more.
  • One 30-minute call each month if you choose


The SEO Tools I Use for Wedding Photography Clients

  • LocalFalcon: (That is the heat map in the video above. I use this tool for all of my clients and on TM Blast. It helps with NAP (name, address, phone number).
  • Google Business Profile: (This is the primary SEO tool I use to optimize local websites)
  • Bing Places for Business: (Bing can make up ~10% of your digital marketing traffic, so it is best not to ignore)
  • Apple Business: (Apple can help with anyone searching in Apple Maps for your service)
  • SEMRush: (This is how I track your keyword rankings, perform keyword research, track competitors, and run weekly health audits of your website)
  • Sitebulb: A deep technical crawl of your website to look for orphan pages, broken links, and more
  • Google Analytics: (I can see the number of visits to your website, goals that occur, and much more)
  • Google Search Console: (I can see the keywords that trigger clicks to your website, any technical issues present, and much more)
  • Bing Webmaster Tools: (I can see how Bing crawls your website and ensures there are no issues)
  • Clearscope: (I use this tool to optimize the content on the website)


What Others Have to Say about My SEO Company

Don’t just take my word for what I can do. See what others have to say about TM Blast! As a note, I, Greg Kristan, do all SEO work. No junior member or intern is working on your account.


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