Top Rankings for a Tech Company

Tech Company Keyword Growth


I’ve been working with RAPPID on their SEO now for a few months. When they came to me, they were not ranking for any of their target terms. Now, two months later, they are getting more and more target keywords to the top of Google. While the total search volume is low for their keywords, getting featured at the top and getting a client can be massive for them.


Below are some of the things that I (Greg Kristan) have been doing to help grow their SEO each month.


What I’ve Been Working On:


  • The SEO Project first began with a Free SEO Audit. The Free SEO Audit uncovered many technical problems with the website we addressed in the first month. Some technical issues were broken links, missing XML sitemaps, no robots.txt file, and more. Fixing those issues allowed us to work on the on-page changes.


  • We established a Google My Business + Bing Places for Business account. While they are not a local client, building out the knowledge panel for a company is critical, especially with EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust). Also, even though SEO is about building up the non-brand traffic to a website, I still want to grow the brand search for my clients. Plus, I’ve found success optimizing the account in Google My Business helps lead to more traffic.


  • We did content refreshes across the website. Initially, most of the content was the same, so we had to work together to optimize the content for what users were searching for


  • Three blog posts per month. I use the blog on websites to do the following. First, the blog is a way to keep the site fresh with new content. Second, the blog can help answer very complicated questions in the tech space and link them to their primary services. I like using this strategy because it keeps their main service pages light on the heavy content since the user intent for these pages is in a different area of the sales cycle. Meanwhile, the blog is for upper-funnel search intent


Additional Services that I Provide