TM Blast Ranking for SEO in Upstate New York

Ranking at the top of Google

As of November 15th, 2023, TM Blast owns a substantial market share for the term SEO in a 30-mile radius around Saratoga Springs, NY. The chart above shows TM Blast’s position via the map pack listings in a Google search for someone searching for SEO. One means that I’m the top listing, and so on. Below is a screenshot of what this might look like for a user on their phone searching for this in Saratoga Springs, NY.


TM Blast Ranking in Upstate NY



What Did I Do to Achieve Top Rankings for SEO?

To start, this was not easy at all. TM Blast is competing in the toughest market, which is against other and more well-established SEO firms in the area. These firms have teams of experts behind them working on their strategy while TM Blast is a one-person shop run by Greg Kristan. Here are some things that I did to improve my visibility for my company.


  • I have a business location, so I showcase it everywhere. That includes putting my map listing on my website along with other places on the web.


  • I have an authorship box at the top of every page on my website. I give myself a bio and social media accounts for people to follow me. Also, I have my bio on the right-hand side of my website to showcase who is behind this website. From my experience, many shady SEO people are selling this service. To help combat this stigma, I put my face out there throughout my website and the web.


  • I incorporated reviews directly on my website. It is not about the number of reviews. Instead, it is about building trust for others on my website and my success.


  • I’ve been featured on podcasts about SEO. Again, I can’t confirm if this is a ranking factor, but I can show on my website that others see me as an authority.


  • I’ve recorded videos of myself going over SEO strategies on YouTube. While small, the brand search for “TM Blast” has been picking up at the end of 2023. While I can’t confirm this, I suspect that Google (and Bing) are connecting SEO with TM Blast


  • I regularly disavow any bad backlinks to my website. Disavowing backlinks means telling Google I don’t endorse these links to my website. There is constant debate about whether this is or is not a good strategy.


  • On Google My Business, I’ve been optimizing it and making it bigger to establish more of a brand presence. For example, I connected my social media accounts for my business to the knowledge panel. Again, while I can’t confirm if this was the reason it worked, I’m connecting that Google (and Bing) see this as more authoritative in the space.


  • Finally, I did the usual SEO changes to my website for clients. There is nothing too special about calling out title tags, internal links, image optimization, and more, but I still did that. However, I put this at the bottom because the other changes at the top did it for me.



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