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TM Blast LLC is a New York SEO Company run by Greg Kristan. Through digital marketing, Greg Kristan helps clients obtain high-quality traffic from search engines to their websites. Over the past eleven years, Greg has ranked local businesses, national companies, and international corporations higher within search engines, resulting in more business from the increased web traffic.  


SEO Agency Latest Vlog

Greg regularly records vlogs illustrating the SEO work he does for clients and his websites. The vlogs act as a way to be transparent with SEO strategies and the results. Successful SEO is not quick and easy but staying with the process will benefit your business in the long run. As a New York SEO Expert, Greg needs to stay up-to-date with SEO best practices. Before making any SEO change on a client website, he will make a similar change to his own website to make sure it works before implementing it on a client’s website.


Sample SEO Case Studies

Below are a few recent SEO case studies for the New York SEO agency. Successful SEO could be increasing traffic, generating more leads, showing up higher in Google, and or selling more products through your website. As a note, The Stadium Reviews is a niche website built by Greg Kristan. Click here to view all of the case studies on the site!


The Stadium Reviews:

Brief Summary: 

  • 230k Monthly SEO Sessions (website traffic) in April 2022. Over 300k Monthly Sessions from all Channels
  • 1 million SEO Sessions from January 2021 – January 2022.
  • Upgraded the server four times in 2021 to handle the traffic increase + speed up the website for my audience


The Stadium Reviews Case Study


TM Blast:

Brief Summary: 

  • Ranked on page 1 in Boston for three years for “Boston SEO” when the business was there. Outranked large SEO campaigns and agencies where the competition was highly competitive
  • Since 2021, TM Blast ranks for “SEO Services” in the state of New York on the first page of Google


TM blast ranks at the top of google


Great City Medical:

Brief Summary: 

  • SEO Sessions Hit 20k in January 2022
  • Add New Blogs to the Site + Update Existing Content for Better Keyword Rankings
  • Rank #3 in NYC for the keyword, Lip Filler
  • Optimize the Site for New York Local SEO


20k monthly seo sessions



Plant Legend:

Brief Summary: 

  • Hit 9k SEO Sessions in April 2022 as a 9-month-old site
  • Work with a team of freelance content writers to write, edit, and publish 15 blog posts per month


PLant Legend Traffic




Brief Summary: 

  • Fixed technical errors in the first month that were stopping Google + Bing from crawling and indexing the site
  • Ranked on page 1 in the Saratoga Springs area for target keywords
  • Working on ranking the content for the state of New York

ranking steadfast


What I Provide to Clients

All SEO contracts are monthly, so there is no long-term contract to sign with my SEO firm. Here is the complete breakdown of what you get for hiring me for consulting.


On-Page SEO

on-page seo

  • Optimizing Title Tags, Meta Name Descriptions, ALT Tags, Header Tags, Internal Links, and More for top Google search rankings
  • Daily Keyword Tracking, Keyword Research, and Weekly Technical Crawls using SEO Tools like SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, ClearScope, and More
  • Competitor Research via New Keywords to Optimize, Backlink Opportunities, and More
  • Google My Business and Bing Places for Business Optimization


New Content

new content

  • Up to Three (~1k-Word) Blog Posts Per Month. You don’t pay for this content since it is included in the SEO cost. These blog posts will act as link building since they will rank high in Google and Bing and naturally attract links
  • Updates to Existing landing page Content via (Content Marketing)


Technical SEO

technical seo

  • Fixing Broken Links (404 links), Incorrect Canonical Tags, Robots.txt File optimizations, HREFLANG issues, Google crawl issues, compressing JavaScript files for better speed, and more
  • Greg Covers the Cost for Basic Web Design Changes (web development) for a Marketing Campaign. An example of this is setting up call tracking on the website in Google Analytics
  • Update plugins for WordPress websites if you have daily backups


Reporting + Access


  • Monthly SEO Report Detailing Your Traffic Growth on Web Pages, Leads, Conversions, Keyword Ranking Metrics, and the Next Steps. The Monthly Meeting can be on Zoom as well
  • Easy Access to reach me via Email, Phone, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Skype
  • Greg Stays up to date on all Google and Bing Algorithm Updates
  • No Long-Term Contract


When Should I See Good SEO Results?

When Should I See Good SEO Results



Most clients see a noticeable increase in traffic between months 3 and 6, but some see immediate improvements after one month of working with me. However, clients who see a rapid rise in traffic typically have a technical SEO issue that I can fix. A Free SEO Audit can discover the technical issues on your site, which I recommend you get.


Another factor is what good results mean for you and your business outside of traffic. When I work with clients, we discuss the KPI (key performance indicators) that matter most to your success. Below are some factors that can determine how quickly you see good SEO results.


  • If we have to write new quality content from scratch or update existing material
  • Your existing keyword ranking positions and conversion rate
  • How quickly Greg can make the SEO changes on your site
  • How new your website is to Google
  • If you have an open or closed CMS
  • Local vs. National SEO strategy
  • The competition of your niche



How Does SEO Consulting Services Work for Clients?

TM Blast SEO Strategy and Process Cycle

TM Blast initiates a 5-step process for all SEO clients to get high rankings in Google regarding internet marketing. Starting from a technical audit (Free SEO Report), I fix significant technical errors on the website that restrict future growth. Next, competitor research discovers keyword gaps and transitions into keyword research. Once the analysis is complete, Greg optimizes for keyword themes, not just one keyword.


Why SEO is a Smart Investment?

Why SEO is a Good Investment

Search Engine Optimization is a wise investment to bolster your marketing efforts for two reasons.


    1. Getting on page one of Google and Bing means you can have that listing for a long time. Unlike pay-per-click (PPC), where you have to pay to play, an organic listing has no cost. You can reallocate your SEM budget to something like Facebook to reach potential customers with these cost savings.
    2. Proper SEO should increase your traffic each month, meaning more business via new customers if your conversation rate stays the same. SEO can discover great places for your site to be listed to reach your target audience. While the traffic from third-party sites is referral traffic, you benefit from additional traffic to your website.


About TM Blast LLC


TM Blast has been in business since 2017 and is one of the Best SEO Companies in the New York area. While TM Blast offers New York SEO Services in Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Glens Falls, and New York City, I provide online marketing nationwide to clients. I work with clients of all sizes, including small businesses, real estate agents, doctors, e-commerce sites, and more.


How to Contact Me?

Finally, you can request a Free SEO Audit for a free consultation or become a client by heading over to the contact page.  Thanks!