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TM Blast LLC is a NY SEO Company run by Greg Kristan. Greg Kristan helps clients obtain high-quality traffic from search engines to their website. Over the past nine years, Greg has ranked local businesses, national companies, and international corporations higher within search engines, which results in more business for them from the increased web traffic. Even though TM Blast is in Upstate New York, Greg works with clients all around the United States.


Sample SEO Case Studies

While offering New York SEO Services, TM Blast has also been serving clients all around the United States since 2017. Crafting successful and personalized SEO campaigns is what TM Blast does best. Below are some of the most recent case studies for my clients. If you would like to learn more about each case study, you can check out that link at the top.


+200% Increase in Non-Brand Traffic for a Client

My client and I have been working together since May 2020. They are a national company, and they were looking to increase their digital footprint by driving more organic traffic to their site via search engine optimization. After six months of working through my New York SEO Company and content team, we now drive over 200% more non-brand traffic to their site! The 200% increase in traffic comes from continuous search engine ranking improvements, competitive analysis, and top search engine results.


+800% Increase in Organic Traffic for a Client

Above is a video detailing the SEO success one of my healthcare clients in New York City (NYC) sees with more traffic. Their SEO traffic is up over 800% from when we began working together in March 2020. In addition to that traffic increase, they receive more leads and appointments through their website for free!


Local SEO Success (TM Blast)

TM Blast moved from Boston to New York in September 2020, so I’ve been optimizing my local SEO business ever since. Within 60 days, I went from never ranking in New York to being on page 1 of Google for many keywords. I still have more work to do to get to position 1 in Google, but these are similar results I can achieve via NY Local SEO Services. Check out the Local SEO Solutions blog post on tips to improve your local rankings.


Why Hiring a New York SEO Company is a Smart Investment

Why SEO is a Good Investment

Search Engine Optimization is a smart investment to bolster your marketing efforts for a few reasons. First, getting on page one of Google and Bing means you can have that listing for a long time. Unlike pay-per-click (PPC), where you have to pay to play, an organic listing has no cost. You can reallocate your SEM budget to something like Facebook to reach potential customers with these cost-savings.

Second, proper SEO should increase your traffic each month, which can mean more business via new customers if your conversation rate stays the same. Third, SEO can discover great places for your site to be listed on to reach your target audience. While the traffic from third-party sites is referral traffic, you benefit from additional traffic to your website.


How Do SEO Consulting Services Work for Clients?

Now that I have your attention via the case studies above, you may be wondering what I do for clients.


TM Blast initiates a 5-step process for all SEO clients to get high rankings in Google when it comes to internet marketing. Starting from a technical audit, I fix significant technical errors on the website that would have restricted future growth. Next, competitor researching discovers keyword gaps and transitions into keyword research. Once the analysis is complete, Greg optimizes specific keywords and intent for core theme pages.


In addition to the keyword research, Greg works with his content team to create new content or update existing pages on your site with new words. Finally, we review the weekly / monthly results and look for trends and or dips in the SEO strategy. All SEO contracts are monthly, so there is no long-term contract to sign with my SEO company.


TM Blast SEO Strategy and Process Cycle


What SEO Work Do I Do Monthly?

Most businesses and business owners witness website traffic growth after a few months of SEO work. Moving keywords from page 5 of Google to page 2 looks great on a report but does not generate new web traffic. Having keywords, with thousands of monthly searches or more, moving to page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s search results will increase your web traffic. Below is a sample of what I do each month for my clients.


  • On-Page SEO Including Optimizing Title Tags, Meta Name Descriptions, ALT Tags, Header Tags, Internal Links, and More for top Google search rankings
  • Daily Keyword Tracking, Keyword Research, and Weekly Technical Crawls using SEO Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, ClearScope, and More
  • Monthly SEO Report Detailing Your Traffic Growth on Web Pages, Leads, Conversions, Keyword Ranking Metrics, and the Next Steps
  • Up to Three (800-Word) Blog Posts Per Month / And or Updates to Existing landing page Content via Content Marketing
  • Technical SEO Including Fixing Broken Links, Incorrect Canonical Tags, Robots.txt File optimizations, and More
  • A Shared Excel Document with you and Your Team Detailing What I’m Working on For Your Account
  • Competitor Research via New Keywords to Optimize, Backlink Opportunities, and More
  • Greg Covers the Cost for Basic Web Design Changes for a Marketing Campaign
  • Easy Access to reach me via Email, Phone, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Skype
  • Google My Business and Bing Places for Business Optimization
  • Staying up to date on all Google and Bing Algorithm Updates
  • Helping with your Marketing Strategies and Business Goals
  • Low-Hanging Fruit Link Building Opportunities 
  • All SEO Work is Done by Greg Kristan.
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • And More!


When Should I See Good Results?

Many potential clients ask me when they should see a return on their investment when paying a New York SEO consultant. My answer to that question is that you should see strong SEO results somewhere between month 3 and month 6. Strong SEO results mean getting keywords on the first page of Google, getting more leads to your business, and driving more traffic to your site each month. The variable in time for google results is based on a few factors, so I list some off below.


  • If we have to write new quality content from scratch or update existing material
  • Your existing keyword ranking positions and conversion rate
  • How quickly Greg can make the SEO changes on your site
  • If you have an open or closed CMS
  • Local vs National SEO strategy
  • The competition of your niche


Watch the SEO Workshop for Free!

SEO Course and Workshop

I’m so confident that TM Blast is the Top SEO company and SEO firm to grow your business that I give away what I do for free! Each video goes over a different tactic for higher rankings, but the entire Workshop to learn SEO is one hour. My philosophy is that trust is critical in hiring an SEO Expert, so I want to remove any doubt that you may have when hiring a consultant.


Interested in Earning a Recurring Commission?

Sometimes you may not be ready to hire an SEO consultant in New York,  but you know someone who is. Referrals make the best clients for my New York SEO Company. I’m so grateful for the number of referrals that I get that I offer a recurring commission for each month that the client stays with me. Check out my SEO affiliate program for more details.


A Bit about TM Blast LLC (NY SEO Company)

TM Blast has been in business since 2017 and is one of the Best SEO Companies in the New York area. While TM Blast offers New York SEO Services in Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Glens Falls, and New York City, I provide online marketing nationwide to clients. I work with clients of all sizes, including small businesses, real estate agents, doctors, e-commerce sites, and more.


Originally, TM Blast was out in Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to New York in September 2020. Since 2017, I’ve been able to increase the traffic to many websites over the years through successful SEO tactics. Feel free to check out my case study section to see examples of growing website traffic.


About Greg: The Search Engine Marketing Expert

My name is Greg Kristan, and I exclusively run TM Blast LLC and my New York SEO Company’s daily operations. As a New York SEO Expert, I help businesses throughout the United States drive more traffic to their website from search engines. With over nine years of experience as an SEO Specialist, I’ve been able to work with a wide range of companies. I also provide Free SEO AuditsPPC Consulting, and the SEO Workshop through my digital marketing agency.


I’m active on social media with my YouTube Channel, where I record search engine marketing videos in addition to Monthly SEO Services.  Finally, I have over nine years of SEO knowledge and experience improving the online presence via local SEO projects and large international e-commerce websites.


How to Contact Me?

Now that you have learned more about my NY SEO Company and the organic search results, you may want to contact me. You can request a Free SEO Audit for a free consultation or become a client by heading over to the contact page.  Thanks!