Boston SEO Expert

TM Blast is a white hat Boston SEO services consulting agency located in Boston, Massachusetts. This small business  is run by myself, Greg Kristan. I provide ethical and holistic search engine optimization consulting to businesses throughout the United States looking to improve their online presence. All work, strategy, meetings, and reporting are done by myself.

What Does Good SEO Look Like?

Organic Traffic Should Increase as Time Goes By

This picture from Google Analytics above represents the growth in organic traffic for a website I work on. SEO takes time to show real results, so I like to share this with potential clients. If you take the time to work on proper SEO, you will benefit from the results at a later time.

What Does SEO Stand For?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the art and science of improving a website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for select keywords. By moving your website’s listing up higher to page one of Google, you can dramatically improve sales and business by increasing your quantity of high-quality free traffic.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO Can Help My Business in Google

I’ll give you four reasons why SEO is important. First, SEO is free traffic to your website. Unlike paid search ads where you can be paying tens of dollars per click, SEO (organic listings) are free. Second, SEO traffic can grow upon itself. Third, SEO can can help improve your overall conversion rate by having specific pages optimized for different parts of the consumer funnel. Finally, search engines are places people tend to go to find information on the web. If you want your services found on popular search engines like Google and Bing, you need to have good SEO.

What Makes Me Different from Others?

I’m 100% focused on SEO each and every day. I work on the entire SEO for TM Blast, so I use my same strategy for my clients to grow their business too. There is no outsourcing when it comes to SEO, so I’ll know your account better than anyone once you partner up with me. Outside of working on TM Blast or clients accounts, you can find me speaking at events in Boston, recording videos around SEO, and writing blog posts about tips in the field. As I mentioned before, I’m 100% focused on SEO.

How I Work on SEO for Clients

In this video above, I share how I work on the SEO strategy for myself and clients. I like showing this example because this target page fell off of page 1 of Google. In about two months from the drop, I was able to reverse the issue and drive the traffic back to page 1 of Google. When I work on search engine optimization for clients, I’m in their account every single day, so I can spot issues like this above and fix them for my client.

Visual SEO Plan for Clients

TM Blast SEO Strategy and Process Cycle

When it comes to internet marketing project planning, TM Blast uses the same Boston SEO strategy plan for all websites. It’s a 5 step process where everything repeats and improves upon the previous cycle. By making your site technically sufficient for Google and Bing to crawl, you will have the most success. Here is a visual on what the strategy looks like with the audit being the first step.

You will notice that the process repeats which is key to a winning digital marketing strategy. Keyword research is a critical element to successful organic SEO services. You have to keep working on something to keep your success in search marketing. TM Blast has over eight years of experience using this strategy effectively as a top SEO company in the market. TM Blast does not have an SEO Team as all work is done by myself.

SEO Saves Money

SEO Can Save You Money
So how can proper SEO help me money? Great question! Above is a screenshot from SEMRush (one of my tools) for one of my clients. I was able to move 17 keywords to the first page of Google over the past three months which drives almost 700 monthly visits to their site. If my client wanted to drive 700 visits to their site through PPC (pay-per-click) ads through Google AdWords, they would have to spend $13k in ad spend for the month. So effectively, I’ve saved my client $13k each month through free clicks. As a note, I’m saving my client even more money, but one picture tells the story effectively

SEO Delivers a Strong ROI

SEO Expert Services Drive more Revenue
When you hire an SEO Expert, you can expect to save money on the free traffic you receive from Google. This particular client saves thousands of dollars each month by having top organic ranks in Google search results. Not only are they saving advertising dollars, they are getting a strong return on investment from these free clicks in search engines. Above are the results for one my clients since I took over at the end of November. My client is up 14% in more leads while driving 32% more clicks year over year.

Growth in Total Organic Ranking Keywords

Now that you have an idea on how SEO can save your business money, I want to share how I’m saving my client even more money through SEO. That report above is only 17 keywords, but I’ve doubled their keywords from 500 in November to 1,000 in February. More keywords are now showing up on page one of Google too, so my client is driving more organic traffic to their site since November.  Below is a report that illustrates the growth in total organic keywords my client ranks for since November.
Organic Traffic Keyword Increase for Client

400% Increase in Daily Clicks for #1 Position in Google

My client came to me with the goal of improving their target keyword rank position in Google. When they came to me, they were on page two of Google, so they did not receive any clicks for that term. After one month, I was able to get them to the middle of page one of Google for that keyword. On average, my client got about five clicks each day for this term by being in the middle of page one in Google. Once I was able to get this term to position 1 (the top) in Google, they saw a 400% increase in daily clicks.
Ranking Position 1 and Driving 667 Percent More Clicks for Client by TM Blast

What a Monthly SEO Report Looks Like

Each month, I create a custom made report for you and your team to review. In this report, I share what I worked on, the results, and my next steps so everyone is on the same page. Below is a redacted report I made for one of my clients so you can get a sense of what the report will look like for you.

The Tools I use for SEO Services

TM Blast uses different tools to deliver 1st-page keyword results for your website. The mix of tools includes ways to track keyword rankings, review site health, see how Google and Bing view your site, and much more. As a note, I may have new tools in my arsenal at any time, so these five tools should be seen as an idea on what I’ll be using for your website. Content creation and page optimization is something my tools assist with as well. If you are looking for an SEO expert to be up to date with the latest tools, you’ve come to the right place.

I Focus on Bing Traffic Too

Top SEO agency services should focus on driving traffic from search engines outside of Google search. Bing is a search engine that does not get enough attention from most digital marketing firms. For TM Blast, Bing makes more than 30% of it’s organic traffic because I optimize my site for Bing . This SEO Expert uses a few specific tools for Bing SEO which include Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Ads Intelligence which are available for everyone to use. You need relevant content, clear technical paths, and the right search terms to drive higher rankings in Bing. If you are wondering how much traffic Bing can drive to your website, you should check out their audience breakdown report.

Traffic from Bing Makes up Over 31% of TM Blast Traffic

What are SEO Best Practices?

Ethical and white-hat SEO practices is the goal of moving my clients to the first page in search engines. This optimization service does not participate in any shady link building, cloaking of content on the site, spamming forums, and so on. A strategic combination of technical SEO, on page, off page, competitor research, documentation, and tracking is how I operate. I do not have any secret sauce to improve your rankings. Instead, I focus on proper technical SEO and on page changes to give your site the best chance to rank in Google and Bing.

Google SEO expert best practices, in a nutshell, are about providing an excellent user experience while giving their bot the ability to understand your content. Some other best SEO practices for Google and Bing include optimizing page titles, meta tags, h1 tag, images, footers, keywords, content, search engine rankings, web pages, and so much more. If you were looking to partner up with an organic SEO company to improve your online visibility, you’ve come to the right place.Start driving more free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more today to your website.

Technical SEO is Critical, so Don’t Overlook This Recommendation

TM Blast distances itself from other agencies because it is a top technical SEO specialist. Making sure that your website is easily understandable for search bots is a critical component in organic marketing. As your web technical SEO specialist, I will run routine health checks of your website consistently. Tools that I use to run health checks include Screaming Frog, SEMRush, SEO-Browser, GT Metrix, and more. Being an expert technical SEO specialist, I will also ask for your website’s log files so I can run a deeper analysis of your website.

SEO Pricing

At TM Blast, I don’t offer any confusing pricing plans to consider for search engine optimization. My goal is to drive more quality traffic to your site, generate more leads, and grow your business through Google and Bing visits. Since my goal is to provide the best results for your business, I offer a flat monthly fee for all clients. The monthly fee to have myself work on your SEO is $1,400 each month. You may think that is expensive, but that is right in line with the industry average of monthly SEO costs.

Outside of monthly SEO Expert Services, I offer project-based consulting. Some people reach out to me on behalf of their client when they can’t fix a problem, so I charge by the project. If you are looking for a one-off service, you can contact me and mention that in the subject line.

Additional Content You May Enjoy

Below are some of my most visited blog posts on my site. The range of blog topics on my site vary, but most of the time they follow SEO and PPC best practices. I don’t have any content that talks about social media management, but you will find reading material that discusses online marketing, WordPress tips, AdWords,web traffic, and local SEO. If you have an interest in being a potential customer, you can head over to the contact page to get in touch with me. If you’ve been looking to hire an SEO expert, you’ve come to the right place!
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