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Hi, my name is Greg Kristan, I want to thank you for checking out my site and business! TM Blast is a Boston Massachusetts Search Marketing Consulting Company that offers services in organic and paid search. Some of these services include free audits of your site in SEO, deeper drive audits in SEO, ongoing monthly contracts in SEO, local search services, and paid search marketing services.


I’m Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Bing Ads Certified. I’ve worked both at an SEM agency, in-house for a start-up, as a contractor at Microsoft Bing Ads, and now as an in-house analyst for a shoe company working on the paid and organic strategy for the U.S site


Transparency is something that is very important to me. You will see that in the blog posts that I post along with the reports that I send over to clients. My main goal is to infuse confidence in my clients around search marketing. The more transparent I can be, I believe will make my work and my client’s work that much better


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This site also has a lot of information that can help with you search. Here is my list of my top blog content that is on the site


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