TM Blast is a Boston SEO consulting agency located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The business is 2 miles from downtown Boston, so I reference Boston as the location throughout this website. This operation is run by myself, Greg Kristan. The services I offer include


  • Free SEO audits of your site
  • Ongoing SEO consulting for small and large business
  • Local SEO for Massachusetts clients
  • Paid Search consulting for small business


My qualifications include a Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Bing Ads Certified certification for completing the requirements each year.


Transparency is vital to me. I share my ideas and strategies in blog posts that I write. My goal is to infuse confidence in SEO for your marketing efforts. SEO does take a long time to see results, so I like to share as much as I can about the process. I also enjoy meeting my clients in person to go over their goals. That is why I like to stay local to Cambridge Massachusetts if possible.



Top Blog Content


Here is my list of my top blog content on this website.


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