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TM Blast is a white hat Boston SEO services consulting agency located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This search marketing operation is run by myself, Greg Kristan. I provide ethical and holistic search engine optimization consulting to businesses throughout the United States. All work, strategy, meetings, and reporting are done by myself. In addition to SEO Consulting, TM Blast also offers these two additional services below.

Professional SEO Services Results

Providing exceptional results for my clients is my goal. I believe that organic search can help grow your business by driving more high-quality visitors to your site for free. TM Blast is a professional SEO company that works on improving your search results in Google and Bing.  Below is a report showing the growth in total organic keywords that rank for my client. I began search engine optimization work on November 27th, 2018.

Case Study Ranking for More Keywords for a Client after Two Months of Work

During the second month of the SEO contact, I was able to achieve a top keyword position in Google for my client. By moving from position 5 (originally on page 2) to position 1 in Google, I was able to increase clicks for that term by 667%. Maintaining this top keyword position through SEO will continue driving high-quality performance for my client. As a note, I normally focus on the picture above to tell the overall story, but this keyword position meant a lot to my client.

Ranking Position 1 and Driving 667 Percent More Clicks for Client by TM Blast

Below is a sample SEO report that I send over to my clients. Each report is custom made, so I do take time making this report personal. This report is redacted, so this is to give you a taste of what your reports would look like. As you can see, I share what is working and what was done with many picture examples to tell the story.

Boston SEO Company at Work Example

In this video below, I’ll share how I reversed a traffic decline for one of my target pages on my website. This type of professional SEO service is a taste on how I’m able to discover a problem and fix it. If you’ve been looking for top SEO services to grow your website traffic, you’ve come to the right place because I’m an experienced SEO consultant.

Results for TM Blast

To help grow my business, I focus on SEO as my primary channel to drive clicks and leads. I know the value of growing free traffic, so I work on my website each and everyday. As a Boston SEO Firm, I face heavy competition from large agencies that have more team members and budget to compete. As an entrepreneur running this business by myself, I’m proud that I’ve been able to carve out success for TM Blast. If I’m able to compete against large SEO agencies as a one person team, I believe I can help compete in your market too!

Organic Ranking Keywords for SEMRush

170% Increase in Organic Traffic YoY for TM Blast in Google Analytics

SEO Consulting Services Strategy

When it comes to internet marketing project planning, TM Blast uses the same strategy for all websites. It’s a 5 step process where everything repeats and improves upon the previous cycle. By making your site technically sufficient for Google and Bing to crawl, you will have the most success. Here is a visual on what the strategy looks like with the audit being the first step.

TM Blast SEO Strategy and Process Cycle

You will notice that the process repeats which is key to a winning digital marketing strategy. Keyword research is an important element to successful organic search engine optimization. You have to keep working on something to keep your success in search marketing. TM Blast has over eight years of experience using this strategy effectively as a top SEO company in the market.

TM Blast uses different tools to deliver strong results for your website. The mix of tools includes ways to track keyword rankings, review site health, see how Google and Bing view your site, and much more. As a note, I may have new tools in my arsenal at any time, so these five tools should be seen as an idea on what I’ll be using for your website. If you are looking for an SEO expert to be up to date with the latest tools, you’ve come to the right place.

Professional SEO Services Also Works on Bing

Top SEO services should focus on driving traffic from search engines outside of Google. Bing is a search engine that does not get enough attention from most digital marketing firms. For TM Blast, Bing makes more than 30% of it’s organic traffic because I optimize my site for Bing . This SEO Expert uses a few specific tools for Bing SEO which include Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Ads Intelligence which are available for everyone to use. If you are wondering how much traffic Bing can drive to your website, you should check out their audience breakdown report.

Traffic from Bing Makes up Over 31% of TM Blast Traffic

SEO Best Practices Company

Ethical and white-hat SEO practices is what TM Blast is all about. This Cambridge SEO company does not participate in any shady link building, cloaking of content on the site, spamming forums, and so on. A strategic combination of technical SEO, on page, off page, competitor research, documentation, and tracking is how I operate. I do not have any secret sauce to improve your rankings. Instead, I focus on proper technical SEO and on page changes to give your site the best chance to rank in Google and Bing.

Google SEO expert best practices, in a nutshell, are about providing an excellent user experience while giving their bot the ability to understand your content. Some other best SEO practices for Google and Bing include optimizing meta tags, h1 tag, images, footers, keywords, content, and so much more. If you were looking to partner up with an organic SEO company, you’ve come to the right place. Start driving more free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more today to your website.

Technical SEO is Critical to SEO Success

One area that separates TM Blast from other agencies deals with technical SEO. Making sure that your website is easily understandable for search bots is a critical component in organic marketing. As your web technical SEO specialist, I will run routine health checks of your website on a consistent basis. Tools that I use to run health checks include Screaming Frog, SEMRush, SEO-Browser, GT Metrix, and more. Being an expert technical SEO specialist, I will also ask for your website’s log files so I can run deeper analysis of your website.

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