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NY Local SEO Ranking Number 2
New York Local SEO is about showing up in Google and Bing for your target terms for local searches. For example, if you are a doctor in New York City, you want your services to appear in traditional organic searches and Google My Business listings. If you offer green card medical exams in the Brooklyn area, you would like to show up in Brooklyn for a keyword around “green card medical exams.”


This is where TM Blast comes in with a local SEO service plan. As you can see above, I’ve ranked my company as position two in Google for this term. Ranking at the top of Google for this phrase is how I generate monthly leads each month for my business.


Keep reading if you want to show up locally for your target.

NY Local SEO – TM Blast Ranking in Google Maps and Organic Listing

TM Blast ranks in two organic listings for the keyword phrase, NY Local SEO. The two organic listings spots are the map pack and the traditional organic listing. Having two listings on page one of Google leads to two opportunities for someone to visit my website looking for this type of service. I was able to achieve this top ranking in the maps and traditional listing in a few ways. First, I’ve been optimizing my Google My Business listing for that phrase, adding photos, getting reviews, adding products, updates, and much more. For the traditional organic listing, I built a dedicated page, optimized the content, the images, and much more.

Local SEO Client Success – Short Video


TM Blast uses a local ranking tool called Local Falcon to track progress for clients. In this image below, I’m sharing what that progress looks like for my business. One metric that I want to track is SoLV, which shows the percentage of time my business appears in the three-pack listing for the term “local seo”. As you can, I’ve been able to improve that by 16% from a few weeks prior through my optimizations.

TM Blast Improving the rank for local seo


What I Do for Local SEO Clients in the First Month for Success

Below is what a typical LocalSEO client can expect in the first month of working with me.


New York Local SEO for Clients Explained

If you are interested in what local SEO services may look like for your business, you can click on this link below.


Click here if you want to download the Local SEO Report.


What are Local Map Pack Listings?

Google (and Bing) both show organic search results for local search via a map pack listing. For example, if you search SEO Saratoga Springs in Google, my company appears in the local map pack listings on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Google Map Pack Listing for TM Blast

Bing (and Yahoo) will also show their map listings too. Below is a picture showing TM Blast ranking for a traditional organic listing + the map pack listing for that same target keyword. That means my business will effectively cover page one before a user can scroll down.




Will My Business Show up for Generic Searches to a Local Audience?

The answer is yes!


Local SEO is about giving Google and Bing the right signals that you are a local business offering specific services. For TM Blast, my business’s local map pack listing shows up when someone searches for “SEO” in and around Saratoga Springs.


TM Blast Shows up for the keyword SEO


Ranking for this term alone is how the business generates phone call leads and more each month. Use this example below to imagine how many more leads your local business would generate if it ranked at the top of the local map listing for that target term. Think generic terms like bookkeeping, home insurance, green card exam, financial planner, dentist, etc.


How is My Local SEO Plan Different from a National SEO Plan?

Both a local SEO plan and a national plan have similarities. Both focus on cleaning up your site’s technical problems, performing keyword research, optimizing content, and reviewing the results—however, the difference between the two starts after that.


For example, if I were working with a local client in Albany, I would have to understand where they serve and incorporate that into their content. That would include serving areas like Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Glenns Falls, and so on if those are the areas they serve. If they serve those areas, I will build new pages on their website that specifically target those areas to optimize for.

The same goes for Manhattan Local SEO projects. There are neighborhoods that make up Manhattan that are worth optimizing for than just for the city of Manhattan. That might mean that you serve an area like Upper Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, Harlem, West Harlem etc. Therefore, even if you are looking for Manhattan Local SEO or Brooklyn Local SEO, you would instead be optimizing more for the neighborhoods in that part of the city since the city is so big.


What is the Price for Local SEO?

New York Local SEO services is $1.4k per month if you are looking to optimize for a radius around your address. The client or TM Blast can cancel the agreement at any time. Every contract is a monthly basis. Also, if a business has more than one location and want both optimized, then the SEO price turns into a national strategy, which is $1.9k per month.

However, if you are NY company with a national audience (like an e-commerce brand), you would then fall into the $2k per month plan.


What Do Others Say About my Service?

Reviews are essential for my business to showcase trust. I can’t guarantee results, but I can ensure you get me to work on your account. Therefore, I’ll be putting my experience and track record into your account to be successful.



What Makes a Good Local SEO Client?

My best clients (both local and national) are the ones open to changes to their websites. I’m not an expert in your field, but I understand search engine optimization. Therefore, I will rely on you to review the content before I upload it to your site to ensure it is 100% what you offer. Again, you are the expert in your field, but you will need to work with me on incorporating the SEO strategy directly into your site.


Don’t expect results if you want to be 100% hands-off. The truth is that I will be in constant communication with you to make your website better. If it will take you weeks to get back to me, you won’t see results.


Do You Only Work with NY Local SEO Clients?

No, I work with any client that is looking for local SEO. Since I’ve been in New York since 2020, I’ve worked with local customers because of that. However, I’ve worked with local clients in Boston, New York City, Saratoga Springs, and all over.


What Do Local SEO Services Include?

What Do Local SEO Services Include

Okay, now you are considering having me work on your local SEO strategy. Here are the things that I would deliver to you each month.


  • Daily keyword tracking + weekly health crawls


  • Keyword research using SEO tools and Google Auto-suggest


  • Optimizing your Google My Business + Bing Places for Business account


  • Making on-page changes to your content for better rankings. That includes but is not limited to changes to title tags, meta name descriptions, header tags, image tags, internal links, and more


  • Greg stays up to date on SEO algorithm changes


  • Link building (backlinks) on relevant local business directories. As a note, the client pays for these monthly or annual subscriptions


  • A monthly SEO report


  • Using Local Falcon to keep a heat-map view of your business in and around your location


  • Access to Greg via email, slack, skype, and Microsoft Teams. Greg is straightforward to reach, so you will hear back from me once you reach out


Local SEO Case Study

Since 2017, TM Blast has worked with a wide range of search engine optimization clients. I’ve been very successful with my clients from a local search standpoint.


Below is a screenshot from Google My Business showing the trend that my local client is on. This trend line represents an increase in calls, directions, and website clicks directly from winning in local SEO.


Local SEO Client


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