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The Value in this Free SEO Course

  • Get SEMRush for 14 Free Days (Original Price is $99 per month)
  • Content Marketing and How to Rank Better in Google + Bing
  • How to Perform Competitor Analysis in SEMRush
  • Get Your Content in the Answer Box in Google
  • Understand How Search Engines Work
  • How to Optimize Existing Content
  • Learn the SEO Fundamentals
  • Increase Your SEO Traffic
  • Decrease Your Load Time
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Blogging Tips
  • And More!


The Price

The original price for this SEO workshop was $99, but now is Free!

Here is the link to join SEMRush for 14 days Free. I recommend trying SEMRush for free so you can follow along with the SEO Courses below. Normal promotions are only for seven days for free, so this is a great offer to really try out the tool.


How The SEO Training Course Works

SEO Course and Workshop

Greg has over nine years of SEO Knowledge and wants to share it with you! The purpose of this Online SEO Course is to empower others to be successful with search engine optimizations. This workshop is not your typical search engine optimization fundamental course. These courses below are what I perform for all my clients and websites, so I’m teaching you what I do! The goal is to have you learn and apply SEO changes to your site as you watch these courses.


Free SEO Courses with Timestamps


The Welcome Video (1:27) : This is the preview video of how to rank your content in 24 hours in Google and Bing.


Search Analysis (8:55): Discover how to Find Topics to Write about and Win in Google and Bing. This course is the fundamentals of on-page SEO.


How to Write Your Content for SEO (4:29): See how to use ClearScope to write your content for SEO


Title Tags, Meta Name Descriptions, and the URL Importance (4:38): Learn how to write title tags, meta name descriptions, the importance of the URL, and more


How to Rank Your Images (3:33): Learn how to improve your search engine rankings in image search


How to Rank Your Content in the People Also Ask Section (2:03): See how to get your content in the People Also Ask Section in Search Engines


Google Answer Box Optimizations (3;10): Discover how to get the featured snippet in Google search and Bing for your website


Bing SEO Tips (6:24): Bing’s market share is more significant than you think. See how you can maximize your search engine optimization on Bing


Technical SEO and Common SEO Errors (4:31): Identify common SEO errors that are hurting your websites’ performance using Screaming Frog


Competitive Analysis (4:29): Discover how to use SEMRush to reverse engineer your competitor keywords to improve your marketing strategy


Link Building Strategy (5:11): Identify the backlinks pointing to your website and more using SEMRush


Track Google SEO Updates (4:42): Discover how to track search engine algorithm changes


Google Analytics Goal Creation (3:02): Learn how to set up goals in Google Analytics and why they are important


Local SEO Tips (Coming Soon): Learn how to rank better in Google my Business + Bing Places for Business

Improve Your Website’s Load Time (2:57): See how to speed up your website by compressing JavaScript files quickly. 


More Details

The SEO Workshop is a pre-recorded one-hour video series for you to watch and learn from an NY SEO Expert. Within the hour of video content, marketers will learn about keyword research, how to write your content for better search engine optimization results, rank your images in Google and Bing, and more. In addition to those topics, you will also learn competitor analysis, Bing ranking tips, how to track Google algorithm updates, and more. Finally, you should also get the free 14 day trial to SEMRush to replicate your learnings


Case Studies


Above is a video explaining the 800% growth my client, who is in NYC, is seeing from SEO. Within the video, I breakdown some critical areas of SEO growth and the ranking keywords. Furthermore, I share the SEO cost-savings that my client sees alone from free traffic.


A Free Audit

Finally, I offer Free SEO Audits to website owners as well. If you are curious about where your website ranks in Google, I can provide an advanced SEO report for you. Within this report, you will see content suggestions, technical errors on your site, competitor research, and more! In addition to the report, I can record a video explaining my findings to you and your team.