SEO Coaching Session

Would you like the ability to ask questions to an SEO expert and learn best practices too? Do you feel like your competitors are beating you in organic search and you can’t figure out what to do differently? Are you unable to spend thousands of dollars each year on SEO tools? If these are questions you have asked yourself in the past, I have a service that can give the blueprint for success.


I offer hourly SEO coaching and consultations via a screen share to directly address your questions and discuss strategy for your business.



Results in SEO 


TM Blast stands for transparency in marketing with the word blast referring to how I deliver the information. With that being the case, I like to share some results of projects I have worked on in the past. You can always reference the case study section to learn more.


TM Blast SEO Organic Tracking Numbers






What Can You Expect?


Each hour of SEO Coaching sessions is at $200.


  • You send the questions before the call so I will have time to review. I will spend about 1-2 hours reviewing your website and questions before the call.
  • I use GoToMeeting, so you can follow along via a Screenshare and see what I am referencing. You can also record this video session for your reference
  • I own a few paid SEO tools so that I can run reports and analysis for you during the meeting. These tools include AHREFS, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, and more.
  • I am Google Analytics certified, so I can help analyze your data if you grant me read-only access.
  • If you are local to Boston, I could exchange the screen share meeting to have it in person and go over everything with you.


Why is this a Good Option?


You might be asking if $250 for one hour is a lot. The truth is that you will leave this session with new knowledge about search engine optimization and a plan for you to implement to see results.  You also can record the meeting along with receiving my report after the call, so there is a lot of value in this session. At the end of the meeting, I give you takeaways for you to implement on your site, so there is a lot of value in just one hour.


Running a successful SEO campaign can seem complicated and exhausting. In this one hour session, I share my screen with you and answer your questions directly. I can run a custom analysis using a plethora of SEO tools to help answer your questions. One of the main differences between this session and the Free SEO Audit is that this service can include competitor analysis while the free report will not. There is no long-term commitment with this, so this service is excellent to come up with a strategy for you to implement.


Google changes their algorithm all the time, so it’s best to talk with someone who spends every day staying up on what Google is up to as well.


How to Sign Up?


If you would like to schedule time with me, you can head over to my contact section and fill out the form. Please put “SEO Coach” in the subject line. Include your website URL as well so I can take a look at the website along with the times that work best for you to chat!


I am a Boston SEO Expert that can help drive more organic traffic to your site!