SEO Coaching Session

Would you like the ability to ask questions to an SEO expert and learn best practices too? Do you feel like your competitors are beating you in organic search and you can’t figure out what to do differently? Are you unable to spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on SEO tools? If these are questions you have asked yourself in the past, I have a service that can give the blueprint for success. I offer SEO coaching and consultations via a screen share to directly address your questions and discuss strategy for your business. Due to the number of requests I receive for this service, I only offer the coaching hours after 5:00 PM during the week and on weekends to help me finish ongoing client contracts I have.


Basic SEO Coaching
5 Hours
Perfect If You are New to SEO
This Plan is Suitable for Small Businesses
5 Hours of SEO Coaching
1 Active Project Build in SEMRush
Historical Organic Keyword Ranking Report from SEMRush
Keyword Research + Analysis for 1 Target Page
Basic SEO Site Audit Report
1 Competitor Analysis Review
Free 7 Day Trial to SEMRush
Free PDF Document Recapping Keyword Research
Start Today!


What’s the Difference Between Basic vs. Advanced SEO Coaching?


Besides price, I would say that the main difference depends on the number of hours you are looking for SEO Expert help. Five hours for basic coaching is ideal for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses who need some extra help with their SEO. The basic plan is to designed to give you actionable tasks to immediately work on and drive additional traffic from search engines to your site. If you are the primary webmaster on your site, you won’t need the advanced technical SEO audit because some of my recommendations might be out of scope. If you are looking for local SEO coaching, you will benefit most from this course.


The Advanced SEO Coaching sessions are for businesses who are in competitive markets and need additional resources to help them gain an edge. I’ll review one extra competitor for your business along with performing an advanced SEO site audit of your website. The primary difference with the advanced SEO site audit is that I’ll request the last 14 days of your log files so I can analyze how often Google and Bing are getting to your critical pages on your site. Speaking of Bing, I’ll show you how I drive more than 1/3 of my organic traffic from Bing using Bing Ads Intelligence which is a free Excel tool. A lot of SEO’s will dismiss Bing as a waste of time, but I believe that any free traffic is worth the investment.


Why is SEO Training A Good Decision?


SEO is expensive and at times can seem like a roll of the dice. Jumping into a contract for (x) amount of months can be hard to justify because results don’t come immediately. To help combat the fear of directly getting into an ongoing SEO contract, I offer SEO Coaching which I believe delivers a lot of value for a short amount of work. All of the analysis and work I perform is via a screen share, so you will see everything that I’m doing to help drive more traffic to your site. This service will also give you a free trial to use SEMrush which costs $99 each month, so you will be able to replicate my analysis and work for free for a short amount of time.


Another reason why SEO training is a great investment is that I go over everything that I do step by step. You will be able to see my screen, so you can see the tools I use along with my thinking when I send over my recommendations to you. Digital marketing is changing the way that people do business, so seeing what to do from a professional is an excellent step to take. As an SEO consultant, I know that online marketing has helped drive more traffic and leads to TM Blast, so I would like to do that for you as well. A clear and easy to follow SEO strategy from the SEO training course can get you where you need.


Example of SEO Coaching


To give you an idea of what the SEO Coaching session would be like, I recorded a video showcasing how I use SEO tools for keyword research. In this video below, I’ll share how I use Google Search Console and SEMRush to expand the semantic keywords for a given page. I’m using the On-Page SEO Checker section within SEMRush to find semantic variations to include in the body of my content.



The Value of SEO for TM Blast


Transparency is a core value of TM Blast, so I try and share as much as I can about how my business is performing with SEO. While I work on client accounts all the time, I’m also working on TM Blast to drive more traffic and leads on a consistent basis. In this presentation and video below, you get a glimpse of how I work along with some of my numbers to illustrate what SEO is doing for me.




How to Sign Up?


If you would like to schedule time with me, you can either click on the pricing tab above or head over to my contact section and fill out the form. Please put “SEO Coach” in the subject line and include what plan you would be interested in taking. Include your website URL as well so I can take a look at the website too!


A search engine optimization coach can be the missing ingredient that is necessary to help rank your website higher in Google and Bing. I am a Boston SEO Expert that can help drive more organic traffic to your site!