Position 4 Ranking for a Client’s Target Term in 2 Months

Position 4 Ranking for a Client's Target Term in 2 Months

I began working with a new client in July 2023, and one of their goals was to rank better on their careers page in Google. Hiring new members to join their team is critical to helping them grow and service their clients across the United States. Before joining me, their keyword rankings were at the bottom of page 1 of Google, which meant around a 1% click-through rate. Moving to position 4 gets them closer to a 7% click-through rate for that exact phrase.


Steps that I Took to Rank Them on Page 1 of Google in 2 Months:


  • Used Google Ads data to see what keywords were triggering their careers page and the cost associated with those terms


  • Used Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools to discover what terms were organically triggering impressions to their page


  • Put a set target of terms into SEMRush to set up a baseline of daily keyword tracking


  • Used Clearscope + SEMRush to put their existing content into a grader to see what semantic phrases were missing


  • I made the on-page SEO changes to their careers page. The changes that I took included.
    1. Title tag changes
    2. Meta Name Description changes
    3. Adding a set of key phrases to their careers page
    4. Optimized their images. Image optimization included changing the image size to load the page faster, changing the file name, and changing the ALT tag to make it keyword-rich and reflect the content on the page
    5. Added internal links throughout the site back to the careers page with diverse anchor text


Next Steps:

Now that my client is ranking number 4 in Google as of 8-23-2023 for this target phrase, more work still needs to be done. There are additional target terms that I need to optimize their account for. Therefore, I use the same steps above to target other terms and go after them using the same method.


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