How to Showcase Service Areas in Bing Places for Business

Proper Service Area Example in Bing

Bing Places for Business allows you to showcase your services area, which is essential if you have a business that services and visits specific locations. For example, if you are a plumber who services the cities in and around your location, you should have this feature on your profile. It is the same if you are a cleaning company, HVAC service, or other industry type.


Here are the steps to take.


A Video Walkthrough

Check Your Listing

Before with Bing via the Service Areas


As you can see, I have one service area around my business in Saratoga Springs, NY. That information comes from my business address, verified for my business. However, if I want to showcase that I service other areas, I can change that in the settings.


Click Edit

In Bing Places for Business, you want to click on the edit pencil icon at the top of the page.


Edit in Bing Places for Business


Choose Your Segment of Business and Make it Professionals and Services

If you want your business to have the service area locations, you must change that to professional services. As a note, I will change mine as an example, but I will revert it because I can’t get those marketing categories under professional service in Bing.


Original Segment of Bing Places for Business



Click on Additional Business Details via Service Areas

In this area below, you will put the cities and towns you serve. I recommend showing the full address in the search results if you have a business address. You want to show the full address to help with Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website listing signals.


Where to Show Your Additional Locations in Bing


Once you are all set with the areas, you will go through the rest of the settings to check off.


Live Example

Here is a listing from a company that uses this service in Bing. As you can see below, Bing showcases the service areas for this particular listing. My search was in Saratoga Springs, NY, but I can see that they service a surrounding area, which would be helpful if I was in a town like Ballston Spa.

Proper Service Area Example in Bing


Microsoft Advertising Check

My go-to local SEO checker is Local Falcon, but they need a feature for Bing as of December 2023. Since I’m not managing this account, I need to know how they rank in and around their location for the Bing Map Pack Listings. You can do searches, but I recommend watching this video below as I share how any business owner can check their rank in Bing using Microsoft Advertising.



The way I look at Bing is another way to get qualified potential customers to interact with your business. The suggestion in this video takes all of five minutes, and if it can turn into getting a new client for you down the road then it is worth it. From my experience, most people don’t bother optimizing for Bing, which means there is an opportunity here for you and your business.


As a New York SEO Expert, I’m always looking for ways to squeeze a bit more traffic to my websites and for my clients. Bing, while many might overlook it, can be that difference.

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