99% Keyword Map Coverage for my Local Client

Local Falcon is a new tool that I’ve been using for a few months now. Like any tool, I use it on my website, TM Blast, before bringing it to my clients. I do that because I need to understand what works and doesn’t before implementing it on my client’s behalf. As a New York SEO Expert, I’m constantly updating my strategy for myself and my clients, and one of the ways I do that is with the map pack listing optimization.


My client is out in New York City, and they only need to win within a 1-2 mile radius for their target terms due to how many people they will reach. We’ve been working together for years, and I was happy to tell them on 12-5-2023 that they own a 99% top 3 market share for their term in and around their location.


A Video Breakdown

I share the before and after my client sees via the SEO results in this video below. There are three metrics that Local Falcon likes to highlight, which are ARP (Average Rank Position), ATRP (Average Total Rank Position), and SoLV (Share of Local Voice). The latter is the one that I care most about because getting into the top three means that it is on page 1 of Google.



My Client Doing the Right Thing

For my client, I like to spotlight them because they are doing everything right, which helps their SEO. Below is what they are doing consistently.


  • Getting reviews
  • Updating the look of their website (they hired another company to redesign the site)
  • Adds updates to their Google My Business account
  • They are open to the changes that I implement. That includes changing the description, highlighting services, making updates, and much more.


How I Go About Google My Business Optimization

SoLV Improvement

I use Local Falcon to get a baseline keyword rank for a handful of target terms. Next, I go through the GMB listing and make a series of changes to the account. The changes can include updating the description, service area, featured products, images, updates, and more. Local Falcon gives me a keyword rank snapshot and some suggestions, but for the most part, I’m using my judgment and expertise to make my changes.


I also review the competitors in the area to see what they are doing on their account. For example, if I notice a competitor has a category that makes sense for my client, I will add that. However, I won’t change the primary category because I want that to be the main focus for Google to understand what to show.


Finally, I updated the website to help Google My Business rank better. For example, I embedded the Google My Business map on the site to give Google more NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) signals of where this business is located. Also, I will make on-page SEO changes to the landing page content to rank that organically. Those changes come from semantic words added to the content.


Conclusion: 99% Keyword Map Coverage for Local Client Update

In summary, SEO is not quick, so December 1st vs December 5th isn’t typical for what I can achieve for clients. I’ve been working with this client for years, so there is much more that we are doing than focusing only on the Google Map Pack listings. However, what I like about the map pack listings is that it is a second organic listing that my client has on page one, which leads to more impressions and phone calls.


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