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Below is a presentation that shows what I look at for e-commerce SEO. This should act as a guideline on what I look at when I come across these projects.



My Method


My method of e-commerce SEO is similar to traditional SEO. I focus a lot of my efforts in technical SEO. Your websites needs to make sure  Google and Bing crawl the right pages on your website. I like to use log files to understand how each bot looks at a given website. If you want to learn more about that, I wrote how to use log files for SEO here.

After looking at the technical side, I spend my time performing keyword research. Technical updates along with proper keyword research are the recipe successful SEO. Here is a screenshot of what I’m doing for a mobile-first focus on boot query searches for a client.



Mobile Ecommerce Focus and Results



If you are looking for a report to see where you stand today, I offer a free SEO audit that can uncover a lot of opportunity.


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I like to work with clients in and around Boston, Massachusetts so I can physically meet, but I also offer my service to anyone in the United States. You should contact me if you are looking to drive more quality traffic to your website and want someone with a proven track record that can deliver great results.