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Below is my method that I use for small, medium, and large e-commerce sites. This presentation does not include everything that I do but should act as a guideline to my process. As a note, I did block some things that involve some information like the company’s name.



My Method


My method of SEO for an e-commerce site is both similar and different from traditional and local SEO. The main difference that I see is that you have to a have a solid technical background to make sure you are having Google and Bing crawl the right pages on your site and not waste time crawling dynamic URL. E-commerce websites are known to have many filters that can distort the URL’s, so a proper focus is crucial to having success.

Site architecture also becomes incredibly important to having success. I use tools like Screaming Frog and Screaming Frog Log File analyzer to cross-reference a crawl vs. what the logs show me. I believe this is a unique offer that I provide that the competition does not look cover.

After looking at the technical side, I do spend a lot of time expanding upon keyword research. Technical updates along with proper keyword research and implementation are the secret to having more SEO organic traffic to your site. Here is a screenshot of what I am doing for a mobile-first focus for a series of terms around boots.



Mobile Ecommerce Focus and Results



If you are looking for a report to show where you stand today, I do offer a free SEO audit along with a fuller and more in-depth traditional SEO audit.


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I do like to work with clients that are in and near Boston, Massachusetts so I can meet them, but I also offer my service to anyone in the United States. You should contact me if you are looking to drive more qualified traffic to your and want someone with a proven track record. As a note, I don’t make fast results, but if I am confident that I can help your site, I will create forecasts for you that will give you an idea what I can do. As a note though, the estimates would be something that part of the free SEO audit.

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