How to use Google Image

Images to use on Google Image Search


  Today we will go over how to use Google for image search for SEO and to get great pictures that you can legally use!   The other day I went into detail about how to use the Bing Reverse Image Search and I realized I probably should also show how to use this on Google. This should not be a shock to anyone but I actually use Bing as my search engine so I sometimes forget not everyone uses it and need to show how it looks in Google.   Let’s get started! London New Years in Google   On the right side now we need to click on that wheel and click on Advanced Settings Advanced Click in Image for Google   Now we enter this area in Google. Here we need to scroll all the way to the bottom to click on the area that allows us to share and modify the images. Like Bing, choose the setting that works best for you. It should look something like this   Free to Share   Now we want to click on the advanced search to see all of the images that we are able to use now for our website. Here is my result from Google below   Images to use on Google Image Search