What are these pictures

Greg going over Yelp

By : Greg Kristan

So one huge thing that I forgot to mention was all of these pictures that I have of myself. One really awesome thing about working in an agency is the amount of creative freedom you sometimes have. Things have been off to a very exciting start in 2014 with Wakefly moving into the video here at work. I use to live with the film and video kids in college and I always loved being on set. However, I was never in front of the camera so this is truly incredibly exciting for myself. This picture above is from a still of the Yelp video that I shot. I can’t wait for it to go up! I do get nervous once I clap my hands to test the audio and Jared says “whenever you are ready” but I think that is what makes this even better. I feel that each video I do gets a bit better (less ums, weird pauses, stuttering ,etc.) and for me a weakness might one day become a strength.


The goal of these videos is not for SEO! I put that with an exclamation point because that is a common response from people who are doing SEO. They would only do something because of Google or rankings, but for me it is for complete different reasons. Here are a few of the reasons below



– Push myself to be better than my last day.

  • Yes, I understand that sounds wicked lame, but it is true! One thing about this job is just how much growth you go through on a daily basis. I started off with this career not knowing anything and now consider myself somewhat alright at this position. I love just the self realization of getting better and being able to do new things that I could not before.


– Educate new and current clients

  • Working in an agency, however does come with drawbacks. One area is usually me complaining that I wish my clients did (X) or (Y). I am really active on Moz and Koozai and try and stay as up to date as possible in everything with digital marketing. For clients though they do not have to be up to date because that is why they are paying us. Therefore, I would love these videos to help show current news and tips to make them even better at marketing. I am a huge fan of the EDGE method (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable). For me that is how I learn best and I have found that to be helpful for clients as well. It is really easy to talk, but if you can’t really teach someone, then you do not know the material well enough.


-Become some of the industry leaders

  • I really mean this when I say this. Our company has some incredibly talented people who are insanely smart. It is pretty incredible but yet we are not as transparent with that knowledge as we could! I would love for new clients to think of our company when they think of digital marketing as we have the team that can handle it!


– This is a sick place to work!


  • Again, I am lucky that I even got this job. Maybe for another blog I will talk more about that, but I did not know anyone and I was not referred by anybody. Yet when my friends and I talk about work I am always amazed at what they can and can’t do. I know for myself wearing shorts and flip flops in the summer now just seems normal yet that is not the case with others. I know, having unlimited days to work from home or no limit on a lunch break seems obvious to me but again that is not the case.


  • I hope these videos can show yet another awesome side of working here. What Moz and Koozai do with their videos is something that I always wanted to do as well. I am happy to say we are doing that as well here, maybe some other people might also want to do that too here (either current or new employees)