TM Blast Update in Summer 2020

TM Blast Update

Over a month ago, I wrote my last blog post on TM Blast, but I’ve been busier than ever. This morning, I have some time to detail what I’ve been working on for my business. Below is a summary of some of the new changes to TM Blast and my niche website, The Stadium Reviews.


The SEO Workshop

SEO Coaching
SEO Coaching

About two years ago, I began offering a one-off 1 hour $200 SEO Workshop for bloggers and small website owners to buy. The idea was to teach them SEO tricks, how to use SEMRush, find keywords and more. While the one-off approach was good, I struggled with time management for other projects since this was an hour of my time.


To fix the time management issue, I recorded one-hour worth of evergreen content for individuals to buy. The one-hour worth of content highlights search analysis, how I write my content, image SEO, and more. I’m proud of this SEO workshop because there is a lot of great content, clients can keep the video and save their own time, and it is only $99. Moving to this approach frees up my time for client work and other assignments I need to do.


The SEO Affiliate Program

SEO Affiliate Program

Over the years working as an SEO Expert, I’ve developed excellent relationships with past and present clients. Some of these clients even refer me to their friends for SEO work, something I never planned on getting from them. To show my appreciation for a referral, I created the SEO Affiliate program. As of August 2020, I have two different members receive a recurring commission each month for the clients they sent my way. I’m incredibly proud of this offer as it allows me to give back something financially to others.


Client Work + Bloggers

As of writing this blog post, I have a handful of active SEO clients that I manage. One area of success with my clients is writing new blog posts for them. To provide well-written SEO posts, I have two content writers on my team who use my writing tools. Some of my content writers got hired on more extensive projects for my clients while some I pay directly. As the business continues to expand, I’m happy to grow my operation and deliver higher quality SEO to my clients.


In addition to taking on client work, I’ve build a handful of Free SEO Audits. Below is a video of one of my latest audits I did for a prospective account.



More Videos on YouTube

YouTube Comments for TM Blast

I hate writing so much, but I enjoy recording videos. Whenever I come across something interesting on my two websites, I like to share it on YouTube. Even though my audience is peanuts with twenty subscribers, I’ve had a few people say that my videos were helpful. Ultimately I rather have a small community that cares what I’m doing then one hundred subscribers who never comment or like / dislike my content.


As of August 2020, I have no goal for my YouTube channel. YouTube is something I’m not looking to monetize at this time, so it is something I’m doing for fun. Maybe in a few months, I’ll have double the subscribers, so that is a soft goal I have for myself.


The Stadium Reviews

The Stadium Reviews

2020 hit me directly with my niche website, The Stadium Reviews. What I thought would be a site generating a few hundred dollars each month has turned into a few dollars. I’m not going to lie, I’m crushed seeing all my hard work fall apart due to the pandemic, but everyone is struggling, so I can’t feel bad.


While it is difficult, I continue to believe in this project and work on it consistently. Each month, I’m writing 4-5 blog posts that are averaging 1.2k words per post. I’m doing everything right to drive traffic to my site, but 2020 brought my traffic down by 90%. Maybe when sports return in 2021, things may turn around, but it is hard to say.



I’ll be moving to upstate New York in September 2020, so my focus is starting to shift on what is next for my family and me. I built out a niche within Boston for SEO, so I’m starting all over again in New York. It’s exciting to start a new chapter in my life, but I’m realistic that my SEO traffic will drop for months as I switch from a Boston SEO Expert to a NY SEO Expert.