Paid Search Marketing Services

What The Plan Covers? 

  Account Structure Review + Refresh

  Keyword Segmentation (Broad Match Modifier + Exact Match) Review + Refresh

  Ad Copy Review + Refresh (A/B Ad Copy Testing as Well)

  Sitelink Review + Refresh

  Negative Keyword Review

  Time of Day / Day of Week Review

  Competitor Analysis

  Monthly PPC reports that show KPI’s like (Cost per click, cost per conversion, ROAS, and more)

  Phone Call Meetings

  And More!



If you are new to paid search marketing, you will need your account built out from scratch. Services include campaigns, ad copy, keywords, and site links, and so much more. The time of which this is built depends on how big your website is. If you are a small e-commerce site, you can expect this to take about 2-3 months of continuous work to build out.

The beauty of paid search marketing is that it is immediate and measurable. It’s an excellent option for people looking to drive quantifiable traffic to their site. PPC is similar to SEO, but PPC starts immediately when the campaigns go live. I’m Google AdWords and Bing Ads Certified, so I can help build your Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts the right way.


Here are Two Examples of Bing Ads Case Studies


Greg Kristan TM Blast Bing Ads Case Study with Clarks


Greg Kristan TM Blast Bing Ads Case Study with Telecom Grasshopper