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Local SEO

Driving highly relevant and qualified online traffic to your local business is important. More importantly than just driving traffic, you want to convert leads, conversions, sales, and more through this online experience. This is where local SEO comes into play. Below are the basic services that are included.


Services Include

  • Setting up Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Search Console
  • Properly listing your website and business phone number on all different sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Maps, Facebook, and more
  • Fix main technical errors on the site like creating a sitemap, creating a robots.txt file, properly setting up canonical tags, fixing broken pages, and more.
  • Competitor research looking at ranking keywords and back links pointing to the domain
  • Setting up a brand and non brand keyword strategy
  • Monthly check in calls that go over the progress for the month, what is planned for next month, and more general discussion on what to do next



  • $50 dollars an hour based on a 16 hour monthly that comes out to $800 dollars a month
  • Hours can be adjusted to give more time for a given month, but will not go lower than 16 per month
  • Generally speaking, I would put the contract at a minimum of 6 months so I am able to address any technical errors on the site while working on traffic and keyword improvements. That will allow myself to give a good baseline on the progress that I am seeing.


51% Increase in Leads Case Study

If you want to check out more about this, you can head over to the case study section on the website. When I took over this site, Google Analytics was not set up along with some other tracking tools. I also had to fix a lot of the technical restrictions on the website as I was optimizing the website to get more hall rental leads. Here is a quick snapshot from Google Analytics that shows a 50% increase in leads year over year.




51% increase in local seo leads


1686 Massachusetts Avenue Apartment C, Cambridge Massachusetts 02138