Free PPC Audit

PPC Review


The Free PPC Audit will cover the following areas of your Google AdWords and Bing Ads for your account.

What Does The Free PPC Audit Cover?


  Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keyword Match Types (broad match, phrase match, and exact match), Ad Copy, and Ad Extensions Structure

  Quality Score and Landing Page Destination Review

  Negative Keywords Missing and Negative Keyword Conflicts for actual Search Terms

  Conversion Rates, Click Through Rate (CTR) Performance, Cost Per Click (CPC), and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  In-Market Audiences and Remarketing

  Conversion Tracking

  And More


PPC Audit in More Detail


With the PPC campaign audit, I’ll spend an hour going through both Google Ads + Bing Ads for your account. For the free PPC audit, I won’t go over the Display Network at this time, so it’s only about traditional search ads. Once the analysis is done of your PPC account, I’ll create a report like this one below.



Most paid search reports will go over a plethora of observations, but it’s important that every report will be different based on the findings. Some analysis will cover proper account structures, campaign settings, ad rotation suggestions, location targeting opportunities, call extension ideas, bid strategies, and more. Other reports might focus on tracking code issues within Google Analytics, ad schedule ideas, search network analysis, search query performance, CPA performance, and future text ad ideas.


If you are looking for a PPC marketing help for your search campaigns, you can head over to the contact us section. If you are looking for SEO help, you can also contact me. Finally, I can provide SEO and PPC marketing services to any company as one service.