Are you looking for tips on what works best for SEO? Maybe you have hit a wall in your strategy and needed to see what else you could do to help grow your business online. You will see some of the things that I have done on websites along with the strategy I have taken to have success. When it comes to digital marketing, you can’t just make these slides as the only way to have success. If you feel like you have done these things already, or just have general questions, I offer Boston SEO audit services that can unlock even more potential for your business. I also provide a free SEO audit as well.


SEO Tips for E-commerce Clients




When it comes to SEO for e-commerce sites, you need to have a high technical focus to see a lot of success. Even the best-researched title tags and H1 tags can only drive so much traffic to your site. Here is my methodology of what I look at when it comes to e-commerce and the strategy that I take to see success.


How to Grow Your Bing SEO?



Don’t overlook Bing just because it’s not Google. Depending on your industry, you could receive up to 33% of all desktop click activity since Bing powers many different platforms like Yahoo and AOL. Verticals that see the most traffic potential would be travel, finance, and auto if you were curious. In this presentation above, I show how you can use Bing Webmaster Tools to uncover a lot of untapped potential for your website. You should look at things like how can I cleaned up Bing’s crawl path, removed unnecessary pages from their SERP, fixed Broken pages, and much more.


How to Grow Your Local SEO?




If you are a local business owner, you need to address a few significant things to rank up high in Google and Bing. Things like making sure your business listings are listed correctly, optimizing your on-page content for local intent, and creating powerful backlinks will not only drive up your SEO authority but more importantly will drive a substantial amount of revenue. Here is what I did for a local nonprofit to drive more leads to their website and get people to rent their party hall for all different type of events. 


Improvement in Load time by 55%



Did you know that for every one second of load time, you can lose up to 7% in conversion rate?  You will hear loads of articles talk about the importance of having a faster site, but not a lot break down the process. My site is a WordPress site, so it is not as extreme or complicated as others, but I want to show what I did with the JavaScript in 15 minutes to see excellent results.

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