Welcome to the guide section within TM Blast! This guide acts as a compass for many niches to follow to have success with search engine optimization. The guide section will continue to be built out, so check back in or request a niche field you would like me to cover!


Table of Contents


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Why Provide Free Guides?


A core pillar of TM Blast is how transparent I want to be with clients. SEO should not be a secret formula or sauce that will magically help a company’s website. From my experience, I like to be as upfront as I can on what someone can do to have success in digital marketing. The guides I believe should act as a blueprint for companies to follow and see if they can increase any traffic or rankings from their end first before going to a consultant.


Can I Help with Your SEO?


Absolutely, but I would like to scope out the project to see if we would be a good fit first. If you would like me to help, I offer a free SEO audit so I can first see if we would be a good fit.