Welcome to the guide section within TM Blast! This guide acts as a compass for many niches to follow to have success with search engine optimization. The guide section will continue to be built out, so check back in or request a niche field you would like me to cover!


Table of Contents


SEO For Photographers


SEO For Financial Advisors


SEO For Accountants


SEO For Startups


SEO For Restaurants


Why Provide Free Guides?


A core pillar of TM Blast is how transparent I want to be with clients. SEO should not be a secret formula or sauce that will magically help a company’s website. From my experience, I like to be as upfront as I can on what someone can do to have success in digital marketing. The guides I believe should act as a blueprint for companies to follow and see if they can increase any traffic or rankings from their end first before going to a consultant.


Can I Help with Your SEO?


Absolutely, but I would like to scope out the project to see if we would be a good fit first. If you would like me to help, I offer a free SEO audit so I can first see if we would be a good fit.