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Welcome to the presentations section. Below are helpful SEO / PPC presentations that I’ve created over the years.


Featured on a Podcast about SEO + Bing

Listen to “Greg Kristan – Technical SEO and The Power Of Bing” on Spreaker.


Inside Look into a Free SEO Audit


Free SEO Audit

Free SEO Audit of International School of Boston. During this analysis, I reviewed their site from a technical, on-page, and off-page view. Lots of opportunity to grow their traffic further, so check out the report.

Free SEO and PPC Audit 

In this presentation, I reviewed Moving Permits from a SEO and PPC perspective. There are major concerns with the amount of JavaScript that is on the site along with an improper PPC structure. 


Free SEO Audit for Boston Cycle Boat



WordPress and SEO Presentation

Local Business Tips using SEO + PPC



Learn how to have your business show up for local search terms and be listed in Google and Bing maps.


Log File Analysis for SEO



Google had an error count of over 20% when they were crawling my website. Using log files of my site, I was able to clean up the crawl rate of Google bot to have an error rate of 1%. If you want to learn more about this strategy, I wrote an in-depth article on how to use log files for SEO.


SEO Tips for E-commerce Clients



When it comes to SEO for e-commerce sites, you need be technically sound to have success. Even the best title tags, ALT tags,  and H1 tags can only drive so much traffic when you have technical issues on your site.


How to Grow Your Bing SEO?


Don’t overlook Bing because it’s not Google. Depending on your industry, you could receive up to 33% of all desktop click activity since Bing powers many different platforms. Verticals that see the most traffic potential are travel, finance, and auto. In this presentation above, I show how Bing Webmaster Tools can uncover a lot of new traffic potential for your website. You should look at things like cleaning up Bing’s crawl path, it’s crawl rate, and blocking specefic pages that will grow your traffic.


How to Grow Your Local SEO?


If you are a local business owner, you need to address a few things to rank up high in Google and Bing. Some checkpoints to drive success include correct business listings, optimizing your on-page content for local intent, and creating powerful backlinks for your website. Here is what I did for a local nonprofit organization to drive more leads to their website.


Improvement in Load time by 55%


Did you know that for every one second of load time, you can lose up to 7% in conversion rate?  Take a look at what I did to improve the load time by 55%


I offer NY SEO Expert Services that can unlock new potential for your business. I provide a free SEO audit as well.