Lowered the CPC 44% and CPA 57% for a Client in Google Ads

Results: CPC’s down 44% from the start of ads in December 2019. CPA down 57% from the start in December 2019


PPC Case Study Reducing the CPC and CPA for a Client Numbers


How: Ran exact match and broad match modifier campaigns, added negative keywords, down bid certain devices, and opted into in-market audiences to bid strategically


My client was looking to increase total leads and purchases on their website (outside of SEO), so we went to Google Ads for increase exposure. In December 2019, I opened the campaigns up with broad match modifier keywords to discover what long-tail keywords to bid on only in exact match. After months of adding new negative keywords, down bidding audiences, changing ad copy, and more, we now have a scalable campaign in Google where we can confidently increase the budget each month without sacrificing performance. Here are the ways I got my client to this success point


  • Ran broad match modifier keywords alongside exact match from the start
  • Added negative keywords daily into the broad match modifier campaigns
  • Down bid certain devices while increase the bid on others
  • Put the campaigns into in-market audiences via observation. Made bid adjustments to either bid more / less aggressive on audiences based on conversion data
  • Ran A/B ad copy messages to measure CTR% and Conversion Rate increases
  • Got the Quality Score of top keywords to 9 and 10 out of 10
  • And More


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