Grew Organic Traffic 12% YoY for a Client

Results: Grew Organic Traffic Sessions 12% YoY


12% SEO Traffic Growth for a Client YoY


How: Technical SEO fixes, Title Tag + Meta Name Description Changes, On Page Changes, and More


My client is in the telecom space and was looking to increase their organic traffic for the year. The cost-per-click for their primary keywords is over $20, so they were looking for a cost-savings measure with SEO. Here are some of the elements below that grew the traffic year over year.


  • Created a robots.txt file
  • Created canonical tags on the site
  • Fixed duplicate content on the site
  • Updated the title tag + meta name descriptions on the site
  • Created internal links throughout the site back to the homepage
  • Added specific on-page words that were missing via a keyword gap analysis
  • Created FAQ sections on the site


When my client reached out to me back in November 2018, I created a Free SEO Audit that outlined how technical SEO was needed to grow their site. After landing the contract in November 2018, I worked with my client on a series of technical fixes. Technical fixes are not as flashy as on-page SEO changes or ranking changes, but they set the stage for future growth. After making technical fixes, we began competitor research and were adding loads of new content to the homepage of their site. After about sixty days after the technical fixes, we are now position 1 in Google for their target term.


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