Second Change to the Home Page

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Big changes again happened to TM Blast. New DIV layout, new contact form, new twitter feed, and more! Take a look!


Creating a DIV Layout


I just made myself sound way fancier than I really am. A DIV layout allows me to put areas on the web page into neat columns (please don’t hate developers if I just butchered that definition) rather than just a long page with content (like this post). I did this change because I was not satisfied with how the site was looking at a desktop level. I always felt like the video of the old design took up way too much real estate on my site.

Before (September 5th, 2014)


Old TM Blast



After (September 6th, 2014)


New TM Blast for September




Adding More Content / Picture


Here was something I thought about for a long time. I did not like my homepage on my site. I just did not know what to do with it. For that exact reason I did not want to optimize it. I just kept thinking I don’t know what I want this page to be so let me just make it incredibly basic and hope my inner pages rank.


Now I am going all in with the content on this page. I think I need to find the right balance with content and pictures, but for now I am fine. I am curious to see what this does to my rankings, impressions, bounce rate, links, etc.


Taking Out the Right Side Defaults


I hated the template design on this theme where it will show all of my recent posts, categories, dates, etc. I just felt it had way too many links on each page. In terms of SEO I always felt the focus was lost on tmblast. I felt as a user, you get to a page and I am telling you to check out, and then I am telling you to check out other things.


I decided to go right into my WordPress settings and I removed every section minus the search box. For now I am happy with how this looks, but this will change slightly in a few weeks (if not a few days)




Old with old right navigation






New right nav


 Call to Action Form


The biggest problem I have with this blog is that I don’t feel I have a purpose with it. I worked really well on my side projects or projects that I work on at work because I have a clear goal. Most of the time I am working towards a goal and everything I do is to improve that goal. The goal could be a form fill, a conversion in e commerce, a new subscriber, a new follower on twitter, video plays, etc.


I am hoping that this goal that I set up can do a couple things for this blog.


The First


I want to A/B test with this form fill. I want to test out at least one more variable to see what the data says. I am obsessed when it comes to A/B tests and seeing what is going on. WordPress has some amazing tools that will show you the A/B tests with the impressions, clicks, ctr, and conversion rate. I would love to write a few posts about what I see and what I think the numbers mean. For me that is fun because I like making changes based off the data, not my opinion.


The Second


I want to open up Bing Ads again. I really want to try out some of the new features that they added and I want to test them out to the homepage for now. I want to see what comes out of the PPC method and more importantly, I want to share the data. I have not used Bing Ads in a month or two and I miss that aspect of this site.


Bing Ads


The problem with the ads before was that I did not care what the user did when they came to the site. I just really wanted to try out the platform so I was essentially paying for clicks just to mess around with the platform. Now with a clear message as to what I am trying to do, I am hoping I can really target specific keywords and really A/B test different messages. I might move into Google AdWords later on but I know that will get even more expensive and right now I am just looking to give free reports out. If the free reports turn into something down the road where I have some extra spending money I will mess around with Google and some retargeting and display.


The Third


I like doing SEO reviews of websites. I am hoping that this can be a good balance f0r myself to continue to get even better at SEO but to also work on my own blog and see how best I can optimize it. I did this a lot at my old job so I want to make sure I am keeping my skills sharp.

Twitter Feed


This was always something I wanted to do. I love websites that show the company (or the person) is being active socially. This feed I hope will allow people to see my passion for this field and how much I truly do enjoy talking with people. One of my goals is to continue to get better at Twitter and understand the platform more.


Twitter with arrows

Moving Forward


Today was a big day for this blog. I was able to get a lot of changes that I have sketched out into publishing. From the back end I will be monitoring the form fill and I have also launched a few things in Bing Ads. I look forward to the data and the next changes that will come to this site.