Change to the Home Page

I am still not sure what to do with the homepage on TM Blast. My main goal is to get my inner blog pages to rank, but then I think about the homepage and how much I just did not like it.




This was the previous design of the homepage. I had a video that I shot on my laptop that was old and was very outdated. I felt like it did not explain what this site was about.


Old TM Blast




I decided that I could use a lot of my videos that I have created and create a montage of events that the site has already gone over. Then I did a voice over just explaining what the site was all about. I really wanted the video to be short and to the point, so I did a few voice recordings until I finally got it below the 1 minute mark.


Another thing that I really wanted to add was more content. There was no content on the homepage so it was hurting some optimization tactics that I was doing. Also, I want to start performing link building in the future and the homepage would be a tough sell. I will add more content but for now this works.


New TM Blast





By no means this is it. The goal of this site is to try out different ideas and see sort of what comes out of it. I am looking to see if certain metrics improve like rankings, audience retention, and links. For now I like it, but I am always thinking of new things that this blog can do differently.