How To Track Mentions Of Any Link Shared On Twitter

Rand from Moz

For my job, I perform a lot of link prospecting for SEO purposes. Today, I would like to share a unique way to find the right audience to share similar content with. This blog post will show how to track any mentions of any link that is shared on Twitter.


Let’s say I was working on a piece of content that was about investing your time and money into content marketing. Moz published this right before me, but I could use their brand power to my advantage. I can place their URL into Twitter to get an idea of everyone who has shared the content. Here is their Whiteboard Friday link.


The Moz Blog



When I scroll down to the bottom of the page, I see that this has over 2 thousand shares on Twitter. That is massive! There is an audience that not only saw this, but they wanted to share it with their own audience. We now have this amazing opportunity to target some of these individuals!



Tweets on Moz


I copied and pasted the URL into the Twitter search box and I can see every single person (and company) that shared this piece of content.


How To Track Mentions Of Any Link Shared On Twitter


What Can We Do With This?


What I like to do now is take everyone’s twitter handle and put that into an excel document who shared this article. I could then reach out to them to see if they will find this article insightful since I know they shared the Moz article. This is also a great way to build real relationships with people. I like to  reach out to others and ask them for feedback about the article that we wrote. I like to hear their input on what we wrote and what things could be different. I generally like their advice because they shared something similar to the article that I wrote. Also, I like to build the real relationship with the person because they would be more open to recieving similar content in the future and sharing that if they liked it.


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