Keyword Research Using Search

How to do SEO

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Learn how to do keyword research using search engines likes Google, Bing, and Yahoo to give you more keyword ideas for your website.

How to do SEO

Keyword research is a large component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In my short career in this field one thing has been clear, you really have to take this component seriously. Working in an agency is a balancing act as there is so much that needs to be done for all of our clients. That includes link building, content writing, social sharing, brand building, technical fixes, conversion rate changes, and the list keeps going (and never ends).


So when I do keyword research I really dedicate a large amount of time only to this area. This is something that you need to get right from the start. One secret I would like to share is how your search engine that you use can be your new favorite (and free) tool for the research. This is actually how I start all of my keyword research for any projects I work on (including TM Blast)


Let’s start. The key here is just type and see what comes up. Chances are what comes up is because the search engines have seen this request enough to make that as a suggestion. Blog topic anyone? People this is such an insane way to build out your keyword universe. If you want to rank, see what people are searching for already, and talk about it!




Google SEO Search



SEO search in Bing



SEO search in Yahoo


So why use three search engines? Great question!


Google only showed us a small amount of search results, so I like to also use Bing and Yahoo to see what else is out there. Essentially what you can do is use your primary keyword (SEO) and then use every letter of the alphabet to see what else comes out. Again, this is such a great way to discover new words that can be used for your website.


Let’ try this same example by searching with SEO A




Another Google Search for SEO


Another Search in Bing for SEO



Another Search in Yahoo for SEO

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