How to Import Google AdWords into Bing Ads

How to Import Your Google AdWords Account into Bing Ads

Would you like to import your campaign from Google AdWords to Bing Ads? Here are the steps to accomplish this in minutes! Before we actually start though, I would like to say that if you are able to create a brand new campaign for Bing, you should. If you are able to perform the keyword research for your market in Bing, you might find new opportunities and areas for you to specifically work on. If you can’t since that would be thousands of keywords and specific ad copy, ads, negative keywords, and more, you should look into the import tool on Bing Ads.


This tutorial will go over the very basics of carrying over a campaign. Also be aware, you might not get exactly the same results when you import a campaign from AdWords into Bing. Not everything that works in Google will work in Bing. Bing might have a different audience then your audience on Google, so it is just something to think about.


How to Import the Google AdWords Campaign into Bing Ads Steps


In Bing Ads, you need to click on the the Import Campaigns section and click on the “import from Google AdWords”




 Once you clicked on the import section, you are brought to this screen below. You will need to sign into your Google account. After logging into your Google Account in Bing, you need to check off all the boxes that you want to carry over.


You are brought to a screen liked this the moment you have selected the AdWords account. Here, you need to take a look at all of the settings that you want to carry over. You will notice that your bids are all accurate. As a note, I highly recommend looking into this campaign after you have imported everything over. You want to make sure your targeting settings are still accurate.




One area that I would recommend customizing is the destination URL section. I would recommend creating a specific URL parameter for Bing Ads for Google Analytics Tracking.  You can fully customize that URL into whatever you want, so it will be easier to track in Google Analytics. This is what the new URL slug looks like after I filled out all of the infromation in the URL builder. Here is the link to get to this page.


 When you have finally reviewed everything, you will then need to click on import at the bottom of the import campaigns section in Bing Ads.




Once you have properly imported everything over, you will see this successful message from Bing.




Take A Look in Bing Ads


You will now notice the new campaign in Bing Ads. This new campaign will have all of the same keyword settings, ad settings, budget settings, and whatever else you carried over.




Mistakes Made When Importing Google AdWords to Bing Ads


So, I gave a really general and basic overview on how to carry one campaign over to Bing Ads from Google AdWords. However, I would like to highlight some of the mistakes that advertisers and webmasters make when creating this process


The targeting options are very different between both platforms. Things like location and time of day are especially different, so manually check into this after you have imported your campaign. You might need to tweak these settings to continue to reach the same audience as Google. Negative keywords work a little different too. Bing Ads does not support broad match negative keywords during the import stage. This is something that you will need to look into and fix once your campaign is up and running. As or right now, you can’t have a click to call only campaign or ad group in Bing Ads. You can have that in Google AdWords, but right now, you will not be able to set that up.The destination URL is something I highlighted above. I encourage you to create a URL parameter that works for you and your reporting.


Finally, I think the last mistake I see is that people make is that they will import everything and forget about it! This will not lead to a successful campaign. With Bing Ads, you need to find the time to properly optimize your campaign. Even if it is working in Google, you might not see the same success in Bing. If you are completely strapped for time, you should check out how to quickly change the bid and match type of your keywords in Bing Ads.