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Broad Match Modifier Excel Formula

Creating campaigns in Excel is my go to choice for many reasons for Google AdWords and Bing Ads. One reason is that I can take my keywords that I’ve built out and replicate them with the broad match modifier to replicate any campaign. The problem though is how to do this within Excel. Adding a (+) symbol could turn into a formula, so it becomes confusing. The way to create bmm keywords in excel is with the substitute formula. Here is the formula to create broad match modifier keywords in excel.


Substitute Formula


To get started, we need to first write out the keywords that we want to target. Let’s say that we want to build out our exact math keywords first. For this example, I wrote ten or so keywords that I would like to target. To create this as a broad match modifier, I will need to go to the substitute formula to put in the “+” symbols.


How to Write Broad Match Modifer in Excel


BMM Formula Explained


The formula effectively works like this. The substitute part allows us to add the “+” mark right in front of the cell reference which in this case is A2. The next part of the formula actually leaves in a space after cell reference A2 to create the space for the keyword. The next part of the formula again adds a “+”, but if you notice closely, I left a space in front of that symbol. This is incredibly important for BMM keywords for your campaigns in Google and Bing. Having that space after each word allows the BMM keywords to effectively served.




This formula focused on having the “+” in front of every word. If you only wanted to have the “+” symbol in front of one or two words, you can create a longer formula that can concatenate multiple cells and have the “+” in frot of certain cells.

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