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Are you running Bing Ads for your website in WordPress, but are having conversion tracking problems? See how to resolve this problem easily!


Tracking conversions in Bing Ads is incredibly important. However, I am not a developer and could not slap the tracking code on the thank you page since the tracking code needed to be before the </head> section in the html. I contacted Bing Ads about ways to get around this, but every option did not work. Today, I would like to go over how to add the Bing Ads conversion tracking code in WordPress easily. 


I actually got help from John Gagnon (Bing Ads Evangelist) on how to solve this problem in WordPress. Since it has worked for me, I wanted to share it with everyone!


Here is the twitter conversation below.

John Gagnon Twitter Conversation with Greg Kristan


Add a Goal Within Bing Ads


Within Bing Ads, I went to the shared library section and created the thank you page goal.   



Bing Ads Tracking Code


Once I saved the goal, I then took the JavaScript code and pasted the entire code within the template of my site. This is important because this code will be on every page on my site. However, I set the thank you page as the goal for both Bing Ads and Google Analytics, so Bing and Google will notify me when a user gets to that page.


JavaScript Bing Ads Conversion Code


Put the Code in Your Theme


I then put the code right into my header file in WordPress


Bing Ads Code added to the header file



Here is the source code that shows the code there. The </head> is important to show because the code needs to be before that to pass the data in the PPC account. 


Here is the tracking code that is right before the head in Bing Ads


Run a Test in Bing Ads to Find the Keyword You Show up For


I chose a keyword that had a low cost per click to run this test with. I put in this term and I saw that I was in fact being shown for this. 


Test for in Bing Ads to see if the Ad shows up



Here is my dashboard before I manually pass the conversion through. You will notice right now that I don’t have any conversions. 


Dashboard Before Conversion in Bing Ads


Perform the Actual Test 


Now, I perform the actual search. Obviously, I am doing this as a test, but I want to show that it actually works. Here is my ad at the top of the search results. 


Actual Search in Bing Ads


I clicked on my ad and then I scrolled to the bottom of my page to fill out the form. 


Test form fill


Now, I got to the thank you page after I submitted the form.


Thank You PPC


Here is the data being passed in Google Analytics. I set this thank you page up as a goal within Google Analytics, so I know this works through GA. 



Goal Hit in Google Analytics


Goal Shown as PPC


Here is the email that I got after I submitted the form.


Email in Gmail


Here is the conversion in Bing Ads


Bing Ads Conversion in the Dashboard


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