Transparency Effect in Photoshop

TM Blast how to add a transparent effect

Today we are going to learn how to create an awesome transparency effect in photoshop easily during this video tutorial! This will show you how to fade pictures together in Photoshop. As a note, you can use any image that you want. If you want to use images on the web that are free to use and edit refer back to my Bing Reverse Image Search pages or Google images page. To find this exact image that I am using for this example, you can click here. Soon you will be master the photoshop fade effect!


Step 1: Open your image / Make your image transparent / Duplicate Image


In photoshop, we want to open the image we want to create the transparency effect with. Next we want to use our magic wand tool and we want to select all of the white around the businessman. As a note this is obviously much easier when the image is set to a white background, but if it is not I would suggest carefully going around the image that you want to work with. Next, you want to perform the command CTRL+Shift+I or a CMND+Shift+I to select just the image you want to work with. By performing this we are only selecting the man in this example. This will allow us only to work with him, not the whole picture.


Step 1, Open your image you want to create the transparency with


Next we want to perform the CTRL+J or a CMND+J to duplicate the selected man. This will turn the image into a transparent background which will allow us to move forward.


Step 2, Have your image just on a transparent background


Step 2: Drag our Picture Over


After we have created our new layer we now want to literally just drag the layer into our new picture. Once that is added we again want to duplicate our layer a few times


Step 3: Change the Opacity and Fade your images


Now that we have all four pictures of the same guy we want to start and mess around with how visible each one. In the video I sort of just chose random percentages for each layer. Feel free to use any percentage that you would like.


Step 4: Add the camera icon to add the gradient tool


Now we want to go to each layer and click on the camera icon which is called “Add Layer Mask”. Next we want to click on the gradient tool with having it set to black and white and we want to drag with our mouse up and down on the image to start fading the picture. We want to do this for each layer. Then that is it!


Add a Layer Mask