Yankee Game

Yankee Stadium Day Game

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Yankee Stadium Day Game

This past Saturday (May 3,2014) I was in New York for a baseball game with the Yankees taking on the Tampa Bay Rays. This trip was pretty special as it was with myself, my mom, my dad, sister, her boyfriend, my aunt, and her friend. I was incredibly excited as this has been my first trip back to Yankee Stadium since 2010. The day was absolutely gorgeous as it was in the low 70’s by game time.


Here was the subway, we took. We took the 4 train

New York City Train


Here is the view once you get off the subway

Outside Yankee Stadium


We got to the game early and I actually loved the idea being in an empty stadium. Here I am with my parents. The weather again was beautiful, so don’t mistake how my parents dressed against myself.

Greg at Yankee Stadium


Yankee Stadium Day


Section 206 Yankee Stadium