Logo Partnership

Greg and Josh Deal

By: Greg Kristan

TM Blast is incredibly young and has been around for less than 30 days!

Some things I want to do with this site in the near future are:

– Make a logo

– Improve the load time

– Add more audio and video sections on the site

– Set up an RSS feed for email subscribers

– Mess around more with the Bing Knowledge javascript

– Show more tests in Google and Bing

– Talk about two of my successful side projects

– And more!


So with the site approaching 30 days I wanted to start work on the logo of the site! I always wanted to create a logo for this site and now the ball is about to start rolling on Wednesday! My good friend Josh Kigner will be working with me on creating this logo. I could pretend like I would know how to make a logo, but the fact is I just don’t have the vision or skill to even generate something that looked semi alright.


Josh runs his website Josh Kigner Design where he specializes in scenic design! He also creates logos which is what he will be helping me with.


I am writing about this as I want to be as transparent as I can during this process. I want to show on this site the early stages all the way to the final product. It would be pretty cool to get people’s perspective on this as well, but with the site still very young that ain’t going to happen! But I am fine with that as I understand how long these things take to happen.


Anyway, I am incredibly excited for this and can’t wait to share my journey!


Josh and I can’t take pictures!


Also for some reason Josh and I CANT take a good picture! We tried and took over 25 pictures at Starbucks and even tried to do a video to get one good shot. Here are some of the weird pictures. Enjoy!


I have no idea why I looked over once I clicked capture

Greg and Josh Out Take 1

We just continued to laugh before every shot

Greg and Josh outake 2

We tried to be serious…

Greg and Josh Trying to be serious