Awesome Package from LiteFighter

package from LiteFighter

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package from LiteFighter


Today was a typical Wednesday at the office. Had meetings, looked over my day’s work, talked about The Golden Compass with my friend Simon on Gmail (follow him on Twitter) and also my Co worker Dave, had more meetings, and then was about to have lunch. Well, something incredibly awesome happened today when a package came in for me today.


I looked at the name and it was from one of my clients, LiteFighter. Mike from LiteFighter had sent me a tent along also with a few rainflys so I can go out and take pictures with.


This was such an awesome gesture and totally made my day. I can’t wait to go out this weekend with the tent and take some pictures!


I love seeing more of my client’s business (outside of looking at analytics and code all day) so this was pretty cool!


This was one place that I took the tent too.

LiteFighter Tent on Beach


You can see more pictures on the LiteFighter Facebook Page