Logo Designs Phase 1

Phase 1 of Logos for TM Blast

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A logo has been something that has been worked on in the back end of TM Blast. I have my friend at the Josh Kigner Design help design the logo.


A little brief explanation as to what the name means.

TM Blast Logo Design Early


T – Transparency


The one area that annoys me about SEO is how secret it is . Everything is some persons secret sauce or their special formula that only they know and others could never. I can’t stand that. Whenever I hear that from others in the SEO field I get annoyed and strive to be the complete opposite. I applauded Moz, Seer Interactive, Wistia, Distilled, and many other places that choose to be transparent with their knowledge.

I know for myself, I rely heavily from learning from others. I think also being transparent forces the teacher to be better than their last day. If they are concerned that all of their knowledge is exposed then you are in the wrong field. If you are not trying to learn something new on a daily basis, then you will be left behind.


TM Blast two logos


M – Message, Memory, and Mission


Transparency is something I strive for but I need something behind that cause. The message is just something I am trying to create with the blogs. Memory is actually for myself to see if I can explain what I know to the audience. The mission is I hope to educate others either in this field or get them interested in doing a bit for their own site. I would love some small business owner to take a few of these tips and put it into their website / business. I really believe that everyone can do this sort of work, it just takes an incredible amount of patience and drive.


TM Blast Early Logo




I struggled with the name for a while as I wanted something short. I tried a lot of word games to see if I can call it something that did not mean anything, using some letters. Blast really just means spreading out the message in not a continuous motion, but a bit of a random schedule and produce high quality content that might stick better. The blast essentially means random, but when it happens, it is big and impactful.


The Logo


So with all of that said, here are the designs that I was given from Josh Kigner. As we talked I think for about 45 minutes about all of this (above) and I really explained I how I wanted the logo to sort of reflect the transparent aspect. I like the top two logos the most, now we are just tweaking the designs a bit and it should be going live this month!


Phase 1 of Logos for TM Blast