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The Hall

I recently got in contact with Bryan Nash who created a brand new website. When we talked over email I got more and more intrigued by the idea that he had. I would like to take sometime today to highlight what he is doing and how he created this website.


This article below was written by Bryan Nash.


The Hall


What is the Website About? had always been about the history of local businesses in America and the important information and stories that may have been long forgotten. I myself, being a bit of an amateur historian, had a lot of information about such businesses; some were from my own ancestry, and others were from the local community. The more research I did, the more I learned how important these businesses were to the people and the communities; not just as a source of employment, but many became an important part of the town’s heritage.


I did some online research, and I couldn’t find an acceptable place on the web to share these details, so with the help of a few other enthusiasts, I decided to start up my own site that became Since starting in September, 2014, the response has been extraordinary. We’ve had more than 1600 unique businesses sign up, and many of these businesses have fascinating stories to tell. Not just about their services today, but about their history, who their founders were, who some of their famous customers were, how they helped build the community, and how they kept things together when times were hard. It’s amazing how much people will open up about this, when given the opportunity to.


And continues to innovate by carefully listening listen to our members and their feedback. We have added many additions in recent weeks to our platform, including providing a portal to share add campaigns, company paraphernalia, business cards, letterhead… pretty much everything that helps them identify who they are.


And of course, membership is free. There is nothing to pay for on the site. Just sign-up, and share your story with the world.