How to Expand Your Client’s SEO Keyword Universe

Google Search Console New Keywords to Add to SEMRush

Tonight, I was working on one my accounts to see what new keywords to begin optimizing for. I use SEMRush and Google Search Console as primary tools to help discover new keywords that I think are worth the time optimizing for. As I was going through this process, I decided to share a video to help illustrate my thought process and how I use the two tools together. Below is the video that will give some insight into my thought process.


Written Transcription Below

Hey everyone, Greg here and tonight I’m working on one of my accounts I’m in SEMRush and I’m going to walk you through how I find new key words to optimize for any of my accounts so I’m in SEMRush right here I’m in the on page SEO Checker and if you scroll all the way over here to the actions these are the keywords that I’m trying to optimize for my account so Cambridge transcriptions best transcription Services there’s a couple 11 and I going to Google search console here and I get rid of any keyword that starts with their brand names of working on non-brand keywords the list right here so what I did was save time is it I’m going to put everything right now in two Excel spreadsheets so the Excel spreadsheet on the left-hand side is from Google search console and the spreadsheet on the right is from SEMRush really what I did was that I created a VLOOKUP to find new keywords to go after so if it contains a yes that means I’m actually actively working on trying to improve the keyword rank if it has an NA it means it’s not on my scope which means I’m going to add that tonight so I’m going to have NA right here.
And then really what I’m going to do is I’m going to try to sort by largest for Impressions because Impressions tell me that they’re getting Impressions right now for their for their website but they’re not driving any clicks this a good opportunity for me to try to move up higher with inside Google search so they can get more at clicks for their website.
Online transcription service and I’m going to add a couple so I’ll highlight these just so I know which ones I’m going to add specifically to this so I’ll change the color just to green so you guys can see if that the one or two or so then I’m going to add right now so the online transcription service and professional transcription services to my account so come in and out open up SEMRush again pull this over to the right-hand side so you guys can see and I’m going to put this keyword right down here.
Online transcription service and click on this and the next one is professional transcription services. Now you want to click on collect ideas
What happens now is that SEMRush is going to reanalyze the page so they’re going to crawl through with their bot to look at exactly how the content on the page matches up to the keyword intent and I’m trying to go after.
It shouldn’t take too long then takes a few moments how to run the report and once it’s done and have some new ideas now to work on for my client. Which Mulberry studio and where to find more ways to drive traffic to them so I’m going to pause the video until the analysis is done.
Now that the analysis is done when you go over to the last updated a few seconds go click on a date ideas I’m going to make this a bigger screen so you guys can really see if you don’t look a split screen right now I’m already ready to hear that one of the target terms that I put into the tool professional transcription Services it’s not currently on in the content on the page that’s why it’s not ranking that well. I did a video about this before tf-idf basically shows this semantic keywords to go after so you can watch that I’m not going to explain what these columns mean right on the video but effectively the main things you really want to look at is that you should always constantly use Google search console or Bing webmaster tools or some other third-party site outside of your primary tool of which might be SEMRush. Ahrefs, or Moz Open Site Explorer to find new potential keywords to go after go after combine the two within an Excel spreadsheet to the vlookup find the opportunities put them in the tool we run the report and look for new opportunities to expand to keep the keyword universe. That’s why SEO is constantly evolving and always in motion because there’s always new things you can be doing to improve your clients website presence in Google so I want to kind of give you a little sneak peek and see what I do on you keywords for my clients and have any questions let me know and as always have a good rest of your day.