Greg and Ward in Boston

Image of Boston

Today, I was out in Boston with my roommate Ward. I decided to capture some of the moments with my iPhone. This song is Viva la Vida remixed by my friend Andrew Clemons. Some of the places that Ward and I went to in Boston were Newton Center, Quincy Market, Boston Commons, Newbury Street, the Boston Public Library, the Green line back to Newton, and more. Please enjoy the video below. Also, please go easy as this was cut using Windows Movie Maker! Also, I have not done any video projects in a while, but I cut this in about 2 hours.

I am looking to get back into more video projects. I plan to shoot some fun trailers with a few of my friends, some cooking demonstrations, a video tutorial for solving the Rubik’s cube, and much more! I would also like to use something more advanced than my iPhone and also use a video editing software program better than Windows Movie Maker.